Friday, December 12, 2014

How Jeff Fisher kissed the media's ass to avoid criticism that he sucks

You may have noticed as the Rams are off to another lousy season perhaps they will rally for the Jeff Fisher special 7-9 or 8-8, he has already done it nine times in his career. In fact, in twenty years Jeff Fisher has made the playoffs four times ever.  More stats he has not won a playoff game in a decade.  Of the four times he made the playoffs twice he lost at home and the third time he needed a miracle play.  In fact, if not for the Wycheck lateral Jeff Fisher would have a grand total of one playoff win.  Why is that Jeff Fisher is somehow consider a competent or good coach?  You would think the media would be all over this Kotite imposter.  Look at all the negative stories about Rex Ryan, who by any standard is a better coach then Jeff Fisher.  Why because Jeff Fisher shares an agent with many of the NFL media, and he feeds them stories like it is going out of style.  You think it does not matter check this out.

Take for example Mike Silver of the NFL Network, he shares the same agent as Fisher.  Google Jeff Fisher and Mike Silver and you get such glowing stories as:
Inside the war room for the Michael Sam draft:

Why he chose the Rams over the Dolphins went to you guess it Mike Silver:

Wanna take it farther, during the coverage of the Incognito scandal someone gave Mike Silver a quote they do not realize how Jeff Ireland still has a job in the league.  Does not take a genius to figure out who that was.

Did Mike Silver also talk glowingly of their 2012 draft which featured Brockers sure did:

Here he is reporting that Rob Ryans departure left bad blood with the Rams, I wonder where he gets these stories:

Here he is 2 months ago breaking down a Rams trick play try to avoid the gurgling sounds when he talks about Fisher:

Two Months ago a Story about how Jeff Fishers metal lead them to a victory over the Seahawks:

I checked and went through ten pages of google searches not a single critical thing ever written by him about Jeff Fisher.

What about the agent he shares with Peter King, well the fact is Peter King has been given backstage access to two Rams drafts wonder how he landed that.  You think that does not pay off?  Consider this pattern over the last three years despite being out of the playoff race by November.  Somehow the Rams ended up in his MMQB column as a top 15 team.  Heck, they got there just last week after being the world beater Redskins at home.

Remember when Jeff Fisher criticized Bernie Kosar for his comments about Rams receivers, guess who agreed with him.  Shockingly Peter King:

Guess who agreed with Fisher's decision to kick the FG from the one yard line vs the Cardinals that is right Peter King:

I am not the only one who has noticed the Peter King Jeff Fisher connection:

Here is in 2009 Peter King attacking Titans fans for wanting to fire Jeff Fisher:

Another article on the free pass that Jeff Fisher has been giving referencing Peter King:

Again I went through ten pages not a single article critical of Jeff Fisher by Peter King.

Did you know the coach that invited Chris Mortensen's son to training camp, I bet you can guess.

On the bright side, Jeff Fisher does not like Adam Schefter, how dare he not bow to the lord of 8-8.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spencerport's Racism exposed in the Urban Suburban Program

Yesterday, was perhaps one of the saddest days in Spencerport the towns history, as during the urban suburban hearing, the raw side of Spencerport's racism was fully exposed.  To review the Urban Suburban program is a state funded program that gives opportunity to minority students in the city school district to seek education at a suburban or higher performing district.  You might think what a great program that has no cost to the town taxpayer, increase diversity in the schools and allow other children an opportunity.  Apparently, there are people in Spencerport that oppose it.  Here is a story on the hearing here:

An 81 year old man threatened to not pay the taxes if this passed.  An 81 year old man currently benefiting from Medicare and Social Security was worried that some people might be living off his tax money.

One parent called up the Lonsberry show and was worried about a son or daughter not being able to make a sports team because of the Urban Suburban program (that was a fairly racist observation).
The quotes seemed to come from Montgomery Alabama 1963.

Here is another beauty:
Spencerport District is for people who live here. If they want to go to school here, they can buy a house here,” The shorter version of this quote is "Whites only"

"Forced Diversity is not a good thing"  No, that did not come from George Wallace it was a Spencerport parent's quote.

So ends the day for Spencerport, that will now carry the stain of this hearing for years to come and be known as the most racist town in Monroe County.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boycott the City of Rochester as long as Lovely Warren is mayor

The mayor of Rochester Lovely Warren, she of the Uncle Reggie scandal and the RHA board scandal has stepped in it.  Again, upon the decision not to indict Darren Wilson over the Michael Brown shooting, she posted on her facebook inflammatory statements.  With the line that "the cop had no respect for the life of Michael Brown" basically contradicting the findings of the grand jury.  This statement was meant to be provocative, but this crossed the line.

Mayor Warren has taken upon herself in her administration to fire and remove white and Hispanic office holders, to replace them with African Americans.  Lovely Warren like it or not is racist, and antagonistic towards the views of the suburbs.

I understand the local businesses are not responsible for the mayor's views, but as long as she is the mayor of Rochester I cannot in good conscience give money to support her racist views.  There are plenty of innocent business owners in the city, but the line has been crossed, no more shall the city see any of my money and nor should it see any of yours.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Best websites for Free Fandeul, Draftkings, and Daily Fantasy Football advice

I started playing daily fantasy football this year.  I have turned a 25 dollar investment on fanduel into 300 dollars currently so I have won.  How have I done without having any experience at this game?  Simple, I listened to experts and took their advice.  I did not have to pay for any premium memberships I just took what was free and what was out there and I have turned a decent profit.  But there is so much fantasy football advice websites out there?  What are the best for daily leagues such as fanduel or draft kings.

First, you have to understand daily leagues are different then seasonal leagues, the strategy is different thus the advice has to be different.  When Matthew Berry or ESPN makes their ratings for the week, they are doing it will seasonal leagues in mind.  While Berry will occasionally acknowledge daily leagues in his articles, (more and more recently), he is primary crux of his advice is seasonal, not daily.

So where does one go to, to get the best advice on daily fantasy football, well there are a couple of main websites that I use and can highly recommend. As well as podcasts that I consider must listen too.

First off, and this I mean seriously, if you want to win at daily fantasy football you need to read Evan Silva's matchup column on rotoworld.  Evan dissects each in every game over four paragraphs giving you every angle on every player.  Evan is an avid fanduel player and will reference fan duel during the article.  Is Evan right about everything?  No, but the process and the information included in the column provide for straightforward conclusions.
Here is the link to rotoworld:
In addition to Evan Silva rotoworld offers other multiple articles based entirely on fanduel and draftkings plays for that week.  Two authors or experts I encourage you to read, who write at rotoworld are Renee Miller and Adam Levitan both write daily fantasy football articles that provide a wealth of information.

Now there are two websites that cater to the daily fantasy football player that provide some free material and some premium material.  On the bright side, they have provided enough free material that I have a winning record.   Now must of their written material is hidden behind paywalls.  They each offer podcasts.
The first podcast I highly recommend and my favorite to listen to is the Daily Fantasy Sports Podcasts featuring Davis Mattek.  Davis is a highly opinionated DFS player and expert, but he has numbers and information to support his opinions.  He hosts two podcasts one Thursday Evening at  and one Friday at 5.  The Friday at 5 is the best daily fantasy podcast on the internet,  it features Evan Silva, soccer dave and some other guy whose name escapes me.  This is hour is both highly informative and entertaining.  The podcast on Thursday is also high quality but I prefer the Friday due to the presence of Evan Silva who I have said before is probably the best daily fantasy football expert going right now.
Here is the link to the website most of their written material is premium however, the podcasts are free:

The other website that caters to the daily fantasy football player is rotogrinders, again must of their written material is behind a paywall.  However, again you get their podcasts for free, they are under the title of rotogrinders live.  The show I most recommend of their football programming is the Friday shoe that has Al Z. , Adam Levitan and Pete Christenson.  This is a one hour packed show that goes over every game in an entertaining and informative package.  This show is more visually appealing then the Fantasy Insiders show, however, I lean to fantasy insiders for the information.  Although the Friday shoe is quality.  They also produce Wednesday and Thursday shows, which are informative but a step below their Friday show and the Fantasy Insiders show:
Now there are other podcasts and websites out there and I have read and visited a few.  This is just my opinion that you really only need the three websites above to have a successful daily fantasy season.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Should Lovely Warren be recalled?

Lovely Warren is the mayor of Rochester, and her term can generously be referred to as rocky.  So far she is barren in accomplishments, yet bountiful with patronage.  Just this week, the board she appointed anointed her supporter Adam McFadden as head of the RHA.  He has no experience in housing or running a business that big.  He now takes over a 62 million dollar business with over 180 employees.  Since McFadden got his job via Patronage how many other jobs at the RHA will go to patronage.  Will he hire based on who you know whether then what you know?  Why was no reason given for Castro's dismissal.  This is maneuver reeks of illegality and demands an independent investigation to see if laws were broken.

Then later this week she altered the route of the St Patrick's day parade because of safety.  By this logic should not the Puerto Rico festival be cancelled because of safety.  This change only hurts the business owners (aka the only thing keeping Rochester up and running).  This has angered the community and further ostracized the mayor from anyone but her core supporters.

But there is opening now, you could probably get enough signatures at this time to recall her.  Just place petitions at local bars as well as at RHA housing developments.  I would be willing to bet there is a groundswell that getting the allotted signatures to recall the mayor would not be that difficult.  Who would be the alternative, How about Alex Castro?  Maybe Richards again? Heck even my pet cat Grace could do a better job.  As Rochester and Lovely Warren continue to follow the Detroit blueprint to irrelevancy.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Where is the outrage over Amy Menz's hit and run

Just three weeks ago the Rochester community came together when officer Pierson was killed in the lined of duty.  There were televised funeral services, funds raised for the family.  Condemnation of the assailant.  Two years before that fire fighters were killed, services from all around.  A Fairport teacher was killed in a drunk driving accident, there is a memorial run, the coverage of the funeral was a huge deal.

Amy Menz was killed in a hit and run after leaving her mother's house Saturday Night, she was a mother.  The assailants pulled over and then drove off.  Where are the cries of outrage, why is nobody raising money for a reward.  Perhaps, the people who committed the hit and run were not in the wrong, maybe Menz walked into traffic.  However, the assailants driving away seems to impune their motives and gives us a good idea they were at fault.  Additionally, since it was Friday Night it is safe to assume these drives may have been drinking.

But there has been no wall to wall coverage on Lonsberry, Why is that?  A young mother is dead, her murderers are at large and Rochester is indifferent.  Perhaps, if she was a cop or firefighter, since this area only seems to care about overpaid civil servants.  I bet if there was a description of the drivers and it was black, Rochester would be inspired to find her killers.  This community must bring Amy Menz's killers to justice.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Fan Duel Plays for Week 4 2014 NFL Season

Below I have done all the exhausting research and determined who are the best fanduel plays for week 4 of the NFL season.  I did by who is the best bang for the buck:
Aaron Rodgers 9,500 vs the Bears sure he was down last week.  But did you see what Geno Smith did to the Bears, who knows what Rodgers could do.

Drew Brees 9200, one of the best QBs in football against one of the worst defenses.  Yes, please.  Spare me the Cowboys, are improved defensively.  They just gave up 31 to the Rams.

Matthew Stafford 8600 vs the Jets.  You know who is playing CB for the Jets next week, me.  They have no corners.  Play all qbs at all times vs the Jets.  Bonus is their run defense is great so teams have to throw.

Jay Cutler 8,100 vs Packers-  Fanduel is simple you want good players against bad defenses this is the perfect example.

Colin Kapernick 8100 vs the Eagles,  Did you see what Cousins did to the Eagles, Kapernick has been a quality ff qb this year.

Eli Manning 6900 vs The Redskins-  The Redskins secondary was not good to begin with.  Injuries have made it worse.  Eli has played secretly pretty good recently.
RBs the studs Murry, Bell, Forte and McCoy all have advantageous matchups, you need one of the four in every line up you make.  Now onto the others:

Eddie Lacy 8000 vs the Bears-  this is more of a tournament play, people will shy away from Lacy because of two horrible weeks.  But, the Bears defense is bad, this figures to be a shootout.  There is bust out potential here.  I would avoid in 50/50 or HtoH matchups until he proves it.  But if you are looking for a tournament flier you could do worse.

Lamar Miller 6900 vs the Raiders-  The Raiders have been gashed by RBs in the first three weeks of the year and Miller is an unquestioned number one in Miami.

Donald Brown 6300 vs Jaguars Brown saw over 30 touches vs the Bills, and the Jaguars are the worst team in football.  The warning here is that everyone is going to play Brown this week at that price.  He will easily be the most rostered player.  So, if you are in HtoH or 50-50 assume if you do not choose him you are playing against him.  If you are looking for a fade for the tournament, he is definite one to avoid.  But most likely he is going to put up points all signs point to it.

Khriy Robinson 4900- against high powered offense against a crappy defense.  He got the ball about 20 times last game, chances are he breaks into the end zone in this game.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best Fan Duel Week 2 2014 Fantasy Football Strategies and Plays

I play fanduel, I win more then I lose.  But, no I cannot do it for a living.  But, I can help you win, by reading this blog.  Below I have listed in what my opinion are the best week 2 plays in Fantasy Football in the fanduel salary cap game and system.  I will go via game and list the players I like for this weekend:

Indianapolis Colts- Philadelphia Eagles- I love this game for playing fanduel, if you are playing this should be a high scoring affair and you are going to want multiple action in this game.  LeSean McCoy at 9,2000 while high could be a huge bargain.  Indianapolis has surrendered more then 30 points in its last 3 games.  In fact, the only Eagle I would avoid is Foles only because I think there are better quarterback values to be had.  Jermey Maclin at 6,300 and Zach Ertz at 5,600 are great bargains as well.

As for the Colts they are a tough team to figure who will get the ball and score the touchdowns.  I personally feel luck at 9,200 is too rich, Pep Hamilton will go conservative in the first half like he always does.  The running back situation is murky as Bradshaw and Richardson got equal touches against Denver so that is a stay away situation.  And the receivers are just as murky, with Wayne, Hilton and Nicks all competing for the ball,  The only Colt I see as a possible pick up is Dwayne Allen at 4,800 (he caught a TD last week and was targeted a great deal).

Green Bay Packers NY Jets-  I love love love Aarond Rodgers this week, and if you are tournaments stacking him with Jordy Nelson maybe possible for a huge week.  Jordy's price tag is high at 7,900 but the Jets are going with second and third string corners, and even if Millner comes back, he still sucks.    Cobb is 7,600 is also a strong play but I would go with the number one guy for only 300 more.  Rodgers at 9,100 might be the best qb matchup on the board.  Don't worry about the line the Packers will figure it out.   Their tight end situation is murky and they will probably be kept into block anyways.  Eddie Lacy has a concussion and they will have trouble running on the Jets even if he were healthy, so at 8,200 he is a stay away.

As for the Jets, I do not see much plays here, their offense stinks and receivers and running backs are by committee.  Gun to my head Chris Ivory at 5,700 is not a bad longshot play.

Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills-  The Bills passing game is receiver by committee with Woods, Williams and Watkins getting equal play.  Miami has small corners so Watkins at 5,900 and Woods at 5,200 being interesting long shot plays.  The Bills have run the ball at will against Miami in their recent matchups so RB is the way to go here CJ Spiller at 7,500 is a good bargain but he does not get goaline carries  Fred Jackson who is only 5,700 is their third down back gets goal line carries is a great bargain this week.  Remember Miami's starting linebackers are out.

Miami Dolphins-  I tend to avoid the Phins running game this week with Moreno and Miller splitting carries and the Bills run defense being better then New Englands.  The matchup I love is Charles Clay against the Bills he is only 5,800.  Jarius Byrd is gone and the Bills safeties and linebackers are iffy in coverage.  Mike Wallace is an interesting play as well, though Miami maybe too concerned about protection to get Wallace deep in this game.  Tannehill at 6,500 if you are looking for a longshot quarterback play maybe money, especially if the Phins get behind early.  He played poort against the Bills in two games last year but will have a better offensive line up with him this year.

St. Louis Tampa Bay- Needless to say both defenses are strong plays here as both offenses looked impotent in the seasons first week.  The Rams Defense can be had for 4,800 and the Bucs for 4,900.  The offenses are slim pickings Doug Martin looks washed up so 7,400 for him is obscene,  Mike Evans is an interesting wide receiver play however he had 8 targets last week and a touchdown called back and can be had for only 6,000.  Vincent Jackson at 7,300 I like Evans better at his price.  Due to the fact their offense stinks.

But not as bad as the Rams offense stinks.  They are doing running back by committee with Stacy and Cunningham splitting carries so avoid and their receiver and quarterback situation is worse.  Couple that with a horrible OC and the Rams O is a dumpster fire, avoid at all costs.

KC at Denver-  Manning is a gimmie play anyweek, the Chiefs defense lost tow defenders as well to injuries and their corners are suspect.  I love Demaryuis Thomas this week, he is at 8,700 second highest receiver salary on the board but he should earn it.  Julius Thomas salary shot up to 8,100, and after three touchdowns he is probably overpriced.  Emmanuel Sanders at 6.,900 I also believe is too high for an iffy touchdown proposition.  But if you are in a head to head or 50/50 league, he provides solid production and consistency.  Monte Ball is a great play as all Denver starting RBs are he sucked last week and still scored 17 points.  At 8,100 he is a great bet especially in 50/50 or head to head leagues for guaranteed production.  If you are mining for defenses to play Denver at 5,400 maybe a great play, I am not sure how KC will move the ball on them.

Kansas City-  Jamal Charles was horrible last week, he is still 9,100 I would not dive in until I see him start to deliver a big week here or there.  Tight End targets were split last week so I would avoid both McGrath and Kelce.  Dwayne Bowe might be worth a sniff at 6,400 since he is their only NFL caliber receiver.  Alex Smith was horrible last week there is no sign that will change stay away.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters to 98.9 the Breakfast Buzz is doomed to fail

Entercomm is switching their successful team of Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters from the morning show at 98 pxy to the Breakfast Buzz.  This move is being performed due to the removal of Kimberly and Beck from the transgender scandal in May.  The man behind this move is Mike Danger. 
A couple facts 98 pxys morning show will be fine without Scott and Sandy.  Meghan Carter has needed a bigger platform for sometime and is a vast improvement over Sandy Waters.  I know nothing about the new host, but I have no doubt the formula will be the same and that the target audience will not leave since PXY enjoys a virtual monopoly over their target demographic in this market.  Essentially, Scott and Sandy were not successful because they were a great morning show, they were successful because they had a monopoly in this market.  Every market has a morning show such as Scott and Sandy and what they were doing it not unique and most of their bits were played out and stolen.  Add this into the factor the show struggled a lot after Duffy left for humor.

But, now switching them to an adult station is doomed to fail.  Scott and Sandy for better are worse are type casted similar to why no one from MASH ever made it big again.  Most times when you are type casted it is had to break the stereotype.  Many of the Buzz viewers are going to hear their voices and turn it, simply because they will think that is who my kids listen to.  Furthermore, with rumors of a Kimberly and Beck return in the offing, this will further syphon viewers if that comes to fruition.  Remember, it was not Kimberley and Beck listeners who were outraged over the transgender comments it was outside influences.  Those viewers will travel with Kimberly and Beck, and to replace them with a lightweight such as Sandy Waters is prone to disaster.  The Breakfast Buzz requires people with personality and strong opinions something that Sandy Waters has proven incapable of forming during her decade plus on the air in Rochester.  I actually feel Scott Spezzano may thrive in this arrangement as he seemed to grow tired of the PXY format.  But, that same format protected and coddled Waters. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Will Adam McFadden resign over referring to Anderson Cooper as a "faggot"

A lot of people called for the resignation of Kimberly and Beck over a routine about transsexuals.  Yet, their voices are now silent about Adam McFadden's post on his facebook where he used the term faggots above a picture of Anderson Cooper.  It appears to be a shared post but you get the idea.  The D and C called for Kimberly and Beck to be fired for consistency sake they must call for Adam McFadden to resign.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ranking the Rochester Radio Morning Shows

So, I have listened to all the morning shows in Rochester since Kimberly and Beck left.  And I have decided to rate them and rank them.  I did not include national shoes such as Elvis Durand or Mike and Mike.  Nor did I include 1180, which lets face it is essentially news unfiltered.  Since Chet Walker left there is no personality anymore its just rote news for the most part.

1. The Break Room with Duffy- Duffy has settled into the host roll nicely, the whole cast works together.  And they are funny and witty, with Tommy's comments.  There is no dead weight on this morning shoe which is more then I can say for other shows in town.  Duffy knows sports so his interview of sports people are a little more credible then Moran's who does not know sports as well. 

2. 92.5 WBEE- not my cup of tea as morning shows go.  But again there is no dead weight here and they all play a role.  The host has to carry the show as his sidekicks are what they are sidekicks.  But the show works and flows without obvious flaws.

3. Bill Moran- show is new and still seems to be finding its way.  It feels like it is torn between being the Kimberly and Beck replacement (would have ranked 2 on this list).  They do some sports, the show seems scattered shot, are they trying to be funny or interesting or both.  The segments can vary from day to day.  But they are interesting rarely funny.

4. Tony Matthews-  listen this is a show for Warm 101.3 is not offensive and is subtle, perfect for the audience.  I cannot remember a single joke or subject they have talked about, but maybe that is the point.  Not sure Warm needs a morning guy, pretty sure the ratings would be the same if they went the WHAM route.

5. Scott Spezzano and company-  Essentially this show is Elvis Durand light.  They basically do Elvis Durand bits but a local level.  I do not blame Spezzano for this ranking, the problem is essentially, the replacement for Duffy adds nothing to the show.  Moose and Duffy were funny, the new guy is not funny and not interesting as well.  Sandy Waters was able to hide with Duffy and Moose but now that they are gone.  The band aid has been ripped clean revealing her inability to contribute to the show, we know she is safe because she is married to the program director but none the less.  The show is drowning and Spezzano needs help desperately and shake up here.  Just so you don't think I hate PXY during the Duffy era this show would have been 2 and maybe 1.

How the Democrat and Chronicle delved into anti cathloic bigotry in a bigotry article

I have written previously about how the Democrat and Chronicle employs an anti Christian blogger (who called for the firing of Kimberly and Beck):

This time an article about David Andreatta about Mercy High School honoring Abby Wambach.  This could not just be Mercy High School honoring its most famous alum.  This had to be a strike against catholic bigotry.

Here is a line written in the article with no supporting data:
We live in an age in which Catholic institutions fire workers for being in same-sex relationships and rescind awards bestowed upon people later revealed to be gay.

Pro Tip: If you are going to accuse an entire institution of bigotry, provides some evidence.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that Catholicism has teachings they choose to follow.  It is not bigotry, its what they believe there is a difference.

And what David Andreatta leaves unsaid is the vast majority of Catholics are tolerable of homosexuals and do not practice bigotry.  But why deal in facts when you can site obscure BLOGS to prove your point. 
David goes on to get mad that Mercy officials would not talk to him, but not as mad when Wambach would not talk to him.  Anybody reading the article critically would realize by that statement, that it is David who is the bigot not Mercy.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Did Mike Brown assault the St Louis Police Officer before being shot

So, by now you have heard of Mike Brown the unarmed 18 year old black male was shot by St Louis Police following getting caught shop lifting.  The coverage has gone out of its way to say Brown was fleeing police.  But, as witness say Brown was in custody, how does one get out of custody without using physical force.  This would seem the natural question and would explain the officers actions.  However, none of the news media seems interested in asking the question.  They are mainly interested in having black witnesses (with obvious axes to grind) attack the police for what they saw.  On a side note, if as many people witnessed this event as they claim did it take place in Edward Jones Dome.  Can the media at least attempt to screen witnesses before putting them on TV, some of these people are clearly lying.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Comission Junction is better then Linkshare

In the land of affiliate marketing one has to be careful, a lot of the opinions you are being served are an enticement for you to purchase something through their link.  So finding an honest take on affiliate marketing sites is very difficult there are some message boards that are informative but that is about it.  I have been affiliate marketing for about three years now with moderate success.  Most if not all of my success has been with Amazon.  But I am not blogging about them today.

I am blogging about linkshare and commission junction (and no I am not going to try and sell you something).  For two years I have tried everything and every angle with commission junction and linkshare.  I have tried posting banners on my website and get  100,000s impression and never had a purchase from a banner.  Banners do not work, and I am talking about putting up 1-800 flowers banners before Valentines day.

One of the problems I have had with linkshare and the main reason I support it over Commission Junction is linkshares tracking stats are inflated.  They always will report hundred of clicks for the smallest of ads.  Whatever, they use it is not a cookie is not accurate.  Linkshare has reputable companies such as Wal Mart 1-800 Flowers and Best Buy, but the only one I have ever converted was Crocs.  The problem it is impossible to figure out what is working.  Contrast that with Commission Junction who at minimum gives accurate data on clicks.  And remember clicks are what you need to track, without clicks there are no conversions.  According to linkshare I once had 2,500 clicks in a month without a conversion, there is just no way.  Where as commission junction, gives accurate click measurements

Also Commission Junction's links are superior to linkshares, the Commission Junction links for individual products include a description where linkshare is just a picture.  Both fail to include the price which is contrast to Amazon.

Anyways this is my two cents, for what its worth I think linkshare is superior to clickbank andshareasale.  But if you do surf websites and message boards you will see complains of linkshare checks being lost in the mail.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Did Dustin Johnson fool around with Allie McKenzie

In the Golf magazine story on Dustin Johnson's suspension it mentions that he fooled around and affairs with two players wives.  One of which broke up a marriage.

The second comment here in Deadspin makes a fairly good choice it was Allie McKenzie:

They are now divorced.  Here is a pic of Allie McKenzie she is hot.  She is a model and has been feature in FHM according to this profile:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Best Tuna Subs in Rochester NY

A good tuna sub is outstanding, the problem is too many sub places mail in their tuna sub with substandard tuna or mix.  The bread has to be just right, a lot of times sub places, do not have good tuna subs, because their bread is better suited for an Italian.  With a Tuna Sub you want a soft bread, one reason why Subway's tuna sub is one of their better subs on the menu.  Below I have listed what I believe to be the best Tuna Subs in Rochester (of the ones I have had)

7.  Wegmans-  Face it, everybody loves Wegmans so they grade it on a curve.  Guess what you take the Wegmans name off of it and its a bad sub.

6. Pellegrinos-  I just do not feel Pellagrinos puts the necessary work into their cold subs.  I have tried a lot of their cold subs and none of them really measure up to their hot subs.  Its not just one thing with their Tuna Sub, it all does not work.  As the saying goes get your hot subs at Pellagrinos and your cold ones at DiBellas.

5.  DiBellas- except Dibellas Tuna Sub, the problem with the Dibellas is a couple fold, first off their bread is not ideal for a Tuna Sub it is just too hard.  While they posses all the necessary fixins, the tuna comes off as too fancy for a tuna sub, its weird but when you eat their Tuna, you are thinking this needs more mayonnaise.

4. Jimmy Johns- While it is freaky fast, its not freaky good.  I am a fan and highly recommend the alpha sprouts on the Tuna it gives it some texture.  Also, I think Jimmy John's bread allows itself to be delicious with a Tuna Sub.

3.  Subway-  One advantage that makes Subways subs good is their bread is perfect for a Tuna Sub.  And they do not overthing the Tuna.  They just make a good tuna fish that everyone will like, they are not trying to make it crazy fancy. 

2.  Bernunzios (off Penfield Road)-  This is a small place but their bread is perfect for a Tuna Sub.  They also offer a sandwich none of the other places above offer, and that is Tom Favorite.  Which is egg salad and Tuna Fish on the same sub, you might think gross but the way they make the Tuna it works.  If you like Tuna Fish and Egg Salad I highly recommend you try out this sandwich.

1.  Amiels in Victor across from the mall essentially, this is the best Tuna Fish mixture I have ever eaten anywhere.  Just delicious they have an old time bread, and are liberal with the mayonnaise but I loved this Tuna Sub highly recommend it.

How Red State and Chris McDaniel invented false voter fraud accusations against Thad Cochran

Chris McDaniel lost him primary election to Thad Cochran.  His actions since then have caused him to lose his political career.  He has acted like the racist that Democrats often say Republicans are.  Suffice it to say you have seen the carnival barkers such as Erick Erickson trumpeting vote buying by Thad Cochran.  The only problem is the information they leave out.  Akin to how the liberal media edits their reports, Red State and Erickson have devolved to mimic them.

What if I told you all this vote buying accusation eminate from one single source who was paid off by the blogger who broke the story.  You would probably say the story is crap, but has Red State mentioned it once, No.  The source of the story is an African American minister who was paid by Thad Cochran's campaign to transport voters to the polls, a common practice in all elections. (shh Chris McDaniel does it too).

Read more about it here: or here:

But now McDaniel is offering money for proof of voter fraud, $1,000 a piece.  If the fraud is so obvious and easy to prove why offer the money.  Simple logic question.  Why cannot Red State call Chris McDaniel on his meltdown.  Because they are afraid of their followers.  You lose we won deal.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rachael Barnhart's Liberal Bias

Rachael Barnhart is the best reporter in Rochester, NY currently.  She has had the bravery to question everything from the Jazzfest to Lovely Warren.  Her twitter account has over 20,000 followers and her facebook page regularly generates 100s of comments for news items she posts.  But, she also has a clear liberal bias, which she would never admit to but is plain to see.  One only needs to go to her twitter account and observe the many liberal stories she retweets contrasted to the number of conservative slanted stories she retweets.  (guess what there are no conservative stories).

Need some examples Here we go:
She retweeted this is from a well known liberal blog, she retweets failing to note it is an opinion piece not a factual piece:
Dean Baker @DeanBaker13  ·  1h
reality is so unfair to opponents of minimum wage.Job growth was faster in states that raised MW than other states
Here is the only serious news item she tweeted on the Hobby Lobby case:
Rachel Barnhart @rachbarnhart  ·  21h
The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg's Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision
Oh she hates suburban sprawl:
Brent Toderian @BrentToderian  ·  Jun 29
"Suburban : Not as cheap as you think. The hidden costs are paid by all." Via , worth repeating.
Another great liberal blog piece (still not a single piece that is conservative slanted:
Rachel Barnhart @rachbarnhart  ·  Jun 28
Why free parking is bad for everyone
From the incredibly liberal Wonk Blog:
Rachel Barnhart@rachbarnhart Jun 27
More than three quarters of conservatives say the poor “have it easy”
By the way I believe Climate Change is real but look what she tweet from mashable:
She was in a crazy liberal move on the 27th: Vox is liberal slanted to so far no National Review pieces
How can the Supreme Court have a protest buffer zone if abortion clinics can't?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Chet Walker gone at 1180 WHAM, downward slide continues for once proud radio station

Chet Walker has now been removed as the host of 1180 WHAM in the morning, after his partner Beth Adams was removed a couple of years ago.  1180 WHAM ratings have been dropping locally, due to their inability to adapt.  This appears to be an attempt to skew younger as the new team is of younger age.

Also, an obvious cost cutting move as Chet had been there since 1982 and was no doubt making a lot more money then other people.  Its unclear why you would attempt to go younger when you have Lonsberry from 8:30-12, who skews very old.  The question is, will this move be followed by Bob Lonsberry being removed.  If WHAM is serious about appealing to a younger demographic will they go all the way.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Does HGH use cause LeBron James cramps?

So, game one of the NBA finals is over, and the media has come into roaring defense of LeBron James.  They have gotten angry at people mocking LeBron over not playing with cramps.  Note to Media:  Nobody has done that seriously check the twitter feed.  People are accepting LeBron's cramps for what they are.  Poor hydration issues.  But, god forbid the media actually make him personally responsible for his cramps.  Lets attack a straw man argument nobody is making.

Now since LeBron James joined the Miami Heat he has gotten bigger, in 2010 the beginning of the end in Cleveland LeBron weighed 225, he is now listed at 250 lbs (no way in hell).  Who was the last athlete who dominated his sport like LeBron dominates basketball?  If you answered Barry Bonds you would be correct.  What does LeBron have in common with Bond's sudden weight gain and increase to physique when he suddenly became dominant.

Well, what do cramps and LeBron with PEDs have to do with each other simple.  There is a whole website devoted to the link of muscle cramps and HGH:

In fact there are multiple websites devoted to noting that a side effect of HGH use is muscle cramps.  The question has to come up LeBron cramped in the 2012 finals as well.  Why do cramps effect LeBron and not other players.  In a real world with a real media this would be investigated.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Does the Democrat and Chronicle employ an anti Christian bigot?

One of the staunched advocates of firing Kimberly and Beck was a women by the name Andrea Raethka she wrote a blog about how Kimberly and Beck should be fired because they are bigots.  Feels that people need to be educated below you will find a sampling of her statements and quotes from her personal blog and twitter account.  Read the anti Christian and anti Conservative bigotry based on her own qualifications as she articulated in the Democrat and Chronicle she is a bigot.  If the D and C does not ends it relationship with her immediately, they are endorsing bigotry. 
Someone defending spanking their kids because it's biblical on Facebook.. I *probably* should have just backed away slowly. @.o
Don Jones fined for Michael Sam tweets = shut your bigot mouth. have we learned our lesson yet Hollywood/sports stars/ famous chefs?
I really don’t know why we’d be surprised when a graduate from Roberts Wesleyan College, a known local Christian college would be against a Gay Bachelor. I mean, duh
Robertson is an extremist  bigoted nut, Juan Pablo Galavais’ is a run of the mill conservative close minded Christian. Big difference in their level of speech
I debated on giving this jack off anymore air time, but I figured it’s newsworthy so people can know what types of things are being preached about. *vomit*
You know the one where Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty made a number of statements that you would very well not be surprised if said by a super redneck conservative Christian
 This is really what the right wing Conservative party thrives on, being filled with the Paula Deens and the Phil Robertsons. Bigotry sells (big time) as long as you just tiptoe the line, and not sort of jump full over it without acting like you just made a slip of the tongue.

The Kimberly and Beck Double Standard of the Democrate and Chronicle

The Democrat and Chronicle has been grandstanding, oops I mean covering the Kimberly and Beck controversy and feeding the outrage industry in this country.  I am sure you remember all the outrage from the Democrat and Chronicle reporters from Bill Mahrer's anti Christian rants or some of the anti Mormon comments of Mitt Romney.  Oh, that's right.  But here are some tweets by these "supposedly" neutral reporters covering this issue.  Let us understand, their comments were not what I would term "hateful" or a number of people.  But D and C reporters and the newspaper took it as such.  Here is some tweets:

Sports Reporter: Jeff DiVeronica@RocDevo 10h
Hadn't heard this. Dumb and cruel. Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 w/Transphobic Rant
Dumb and Cruel?  really, what was cruel about as for dumb I believe legit issues are raised about using tax dollars for sex change operations.
Community Reporter: Max Anderson "Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 The Buzz With Transphobic Rant," by Mango
This women works for the D and C in some way: Marilyn Ajavananda@MAjavananda 17h
Good blog: Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 The Buzz With Transphobic Rant via
But nothing is as pure trash is the blog that was somehow allowed to be published by Andrea Raethka-  let us get over the fact and I have gone through her archives and see no mention of any outrage of wanting Bill Mahrer taken off the air or anybody for anti Christian comments.  Come on be consistent Andrea otherwise you are a joke.
First you applauds the city of Rochester for its fabulous progressive decision to have trans gender people obtain free sex change operations.  That statement right there should disqualify her from writing this blog, since she has admitted to having a dog in the fight.  And to not even hint that there might be another side to this issue.
She then refers to them as infamously terrible radio host, again this is her opinion but to make a statement like that is disingenuous and not fair, so you think they are terrible what does that have to do with their opinion.  That is just taking a cheap shot.
This is what she considered so offensive:
The radio hosts both equated reconstructive surgery for transgendered people to cosmetic breast enhancement and taking care of facial wrinkles and jokingly suggested that the reason the city would do this could be that Lovely Warren could be related to someone that wants to have a surgery due to being transgendered. The hosts even went as low as criticizing and mocking a local transgendered high school student for being able to play on the girl’s softball team. The hosts then ended the segment with Aerosmith’s song, “Dude looks like a lady.”
Everything they just stated Andy, is a legit point.  Transgender surgery is like cosmetic surgery.  The Lovely Warren comment was a joke, are we allowed to still make those in this country? A transgendered teen should not be allowed to play softball, and Dude looks like a lady was funny.  But, please do not get off your high horse.  Can you show us how uneducated you are on transgender issues?
She calls the segment disgusting and pure ignorant hate (kind of like your column so far).
This part takes the cake:
Its nonsense broadcasts like this that spreads harmful misinformation, encourages bullying and shouldn’t be tolerated by radio stations nor its advertisers. I plan on contacting the radio station to express my disgust as well as express my disappointment to their advertisers to let them know I’m not happy with them supporting such hateful transphobic radio personalities. If you want to do the same, you can contact 98.9 The Buzz here.
How did the D and C allow this paragraph on their website.  This is termed activism journalism but to like to their employer is not something any self respecting newspaper would or should allow.  Calling for a boycott in an editorial not your job D and C.  You are a newspaper not an advocacy paper.
And nothing like a threat:
 People like that and quasi-celebrities everywhere need to understand that their actions, although they have the freedom of speech, they should not and are not exempt from consequences. I will repeat: freedom of speech does not mean we, the consuming public, will not react upon you.
You know what her article was missing a single fact to support her position.  Lets get this straight all research indicates trans gender is a choice.  Do they get bullied anymore then other kids, no studies support that as well.   Your job is a newspaper reporter is to stand by a piece with facts, not hateful screeching, that has been produced here.  There can be just one thing left to do
Boycott the D and C until Andy Rafeatka gets his/her column revoked.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The day Michelle Beadle called me an "Asshat" for my opinion

Michelle Beadles is a failed host of an NBC sports network show and is now a current host of ESPNs lowly rated sportsnation.  When Michael Sam was drafted by the St Louis Rams, she had some opinions she had to share.  And it was clear everyone who disagreed with her was wrong.

Whatever you think of the Michael Sam making out with his boyfriend, should be your opinion.  ESPN felt the need to write an article about a football player who used the word "horrible" to describe.  How dare he have an opinion.  Some people think that homosexuality is morally wrong.  They are allowed to have that opinion, it does not make them bigots.  A bigot denies a homosexual a job because they are a homosexual.  If a person thinks being a homosexual is morally wrong but does treats homosexuals the same as heterosexuals they are not bigots.  But anyways I digress, back to Clay Matthew's girlfriend.

So, after Michael Sam was chosen by the Rams Michelle Beadle took to twitter.  And of course she did what anybody would do.  She looked for people with what she considered bigoted posts and retweeted them.

First tweet:

Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
And then there's this guy.
Her 2nd where she calls somebody gay.  Hypocrisy in this tweet a little:
Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
Why don't u like it? Do u feel funny? What about a man & a woman? : if you dont like seeing 2 guys kissing on tv then your a bigot
The last one is what set me off, clearly these are people with a different opinion of hers that she refuses to tolerate.  There is nothing hateful about these people's tweets they have a different opinion of homosexuality then hers.  But they must be BIGOTS.  Again, these tweets are so horrible she felt the need to share it with thousands of her followers.  But here is my tweet after this one:
Busted! I'm intolerant of ignorant asshats RT: you are mistaken hate with a difference of opinion. exposing your own intolerance 
That's right, she fought supposed intolerance with name calling.  You are called an asshat, for pointing out her own intolerance and how these comments were not bigoted.  My favorite part is half the people who saw her tweet sided with me.
Why does this matter?  ESPN did an article on an athlete that called the Michael Sam kiss horrible.  But one of their own employees called me an asshat for trying to engage her in a conversation for having a different opinion then her.  After this my timeline blew up, nothing bad happened, I could care less. But I think she needs to apologize.  I did not call her a name at any time but she the employee of a multi billion dollar company felt the need to call me an ass hat for having a different opinion.
As society we cannot move forward when names are being called in any direction.  I do not wish Beadle fired (like she did the first tweet she retweeted).  I wish an apology and an acceptance that some people do not see the issue as she does, and those people do not deserve to be called names just like Michael Sam.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten Things Tops does better then Wegmans

Wegmans to some people is a religion never to be questioned, while Tops is considered the step brother that is never talked about.  I am here to tell you that there are items that Tops does superior to Wegmans.  Try to cover you eyes you liberal elitist snobs that want to ignore all faults in your pagan master.  So without further ado Ten Things Tops does Better then Wegmans:
8.  Chicken Salad-  Tops uses there rotisserie chicken to make a delicious chicken salad.  While Wegmans is bland and without flavor.

7. Putting their specials at the front of the store.  What does Wegmans put in the front of there stores, normally some produce that is in season but obscenely over priced or perhaps the latest and greatest organic wegmans cereal.  What is in the front of Tops store, there latest buy one get one free offering, specials, sales.  What a unique concept? Its like they actually are helping the consumer instead of pushing their latest high priced liberal lovefest food.

6. Deli Counter-  Imagine not having to wait 30 minutes to get your slices of salami.  Tops is faster, and there is never a line.  And dirty secrets their deli meats are brand name at lower prices then Wegman's generic deli meats.  But continue to feed at Danny's trough.

5. Meatballs-  This is not even close.  Tops has one of the best meatballs in the area.  They are made fresh in store, instead of shipped in.  Now I am talking about the Tops meatballs in the meat area.  Trust me, the Tops meatballs are restaurant quality, you have to pay Wegmans prices for them, but they are worth it.

4. Cashiers-  Tops cashiers are pros.  Wegman's cashiers are just trying to angle for the latest scholarship.  Tops cashiers tend to be professional and can handle most coupons and any other special requests needed.  If something does not go as planned at Wegmans, they cannot click the button for the manager fast enough.

3. Buffalo Chicken anything- whether it be buffalo chicken wings, boneless wings or Pizza.  Tops Buffalo chicken is superior to Wegmans.  Why? because unlike Wegmans Tops uses brand name anchor sauce.  While Wegmans is beholden the Danny God, and must use Wegmans brand.

2. Manager Specials-  Tops has them all the time.  When is the last time you saw a managers special at Wegmans which eclipse was that?

1. Parking Lots this is undeniable.  You can actually navigate a Tops parking lot in less then 30 minutes.   As opposed to the endless maze that is a Wegmans parking lot.  Wegmans parking lot is like constantly retaking a drivers test, with so many curbs and jack ass drivers, that makes a NYC cab ride seem like a vacation.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why did Lovely Warren lie about Joe Biden's visit to Rochester

It probably went unnoticed with the multiple lies she has told in the Uncle Reggie saga and speeding ticket.  But this women who had the gall to take credit for an "amazing" two weeks in office.  Took credit for the VP visit.  Never mind Biden went to MCC which has nothing to do with the city of Rochester and or any relation.  According to Channel 8 Lovely Warren went to Washington and told Obama about all the great things happening in Rochester and specifically at MCC.  She is asking us to believe that in the two and half minutes (tops) she got with the president she mentioned an entity that has nothing to do with the city?  Here is the question as the same with the speeding ticket Why Lie? Why embellish?  Just say your excited the VP is coming, do not attempt to claim credit.   But alas no one on local news coverages ever asked if this story made sense so they parroted her original statement.  Does this women realize that most significant Rochestarians think of her as a joke and a liar.