Thursday, July 3, 2014

Best Tuna Subs in Rochester NY

A good tuna sub is outstanding, the problem is too many sub places mail in their tuna sub with substandard tuna or mix.  The bread has to be just right, a lot of times sub places, do not have good tuna subs, because their bread is better suited for an Italian.  With a Tuna Sub you want a soft bread, one reason why Subway's tuna sub is one of their better subs on the menu.  Below I have listed what I believe to be the best Tuna Subs in Rochester (of the ones I have had)

7.  Wegmans-  Face it, everybody loves Wegmans so they grade it on a curve.  Guess what you take the Wegmans name off of it and its a bad sub.

6. Pellegrinos-  I just do not feel Pellagrinos puts the necessary work into their cold subs.  I have tried a lot of their cold subs and none of them really measure up to their hot subs.  Its not just one thing with their Tuna Sub, it all does not work.  As the saying goes get your hot subs at Pellagrinos and your cold ones at DiBellas.

5.  DiBellas- except Dibellas Tuna Sub, the problem with the Dibellas is a couple fold, first off their bread is not ideal for a Tuna Sub it is just too hard.  While they posses all the necessary fixins, the tuna comes off as too fancy for a tuna sub, its weird but when you eat their Tuna, you are thinking this needs more mayonnaise.

4. Jimmy Johns- While it is freaky fast, its not freaky good.  I am a fan and highly recommend the alpha sprouts on the Tuna it gives it some texture.  Also, I think Jimmy John's bread allows itself to be delicious with a Tuna Sub.

3.  Subway-  One advantage that makes Subways subs good is their bread is perfect for a Tuna Sub.  And they do not overthing the Tuna.  They just make a good tuna fish that everyone will like, they are not trying to make it crazy fancy. 

2.  Bernunzios (off Penfield Road)-  This is a small place but their bread is perfect for a Tuna Sub.  They also offer a sandwich none of the other places above offer, and that is Tom Favorite.  Which is egg salad and Tuna Fish on the same sub, you might think gross but the way they make the Tuna it works.  If you like Tuna Fish and Egg Salad I highly recommend you try out this sandwich.

1.  Amiels in Victor across from the mall essentially, this is the best Tuna Fish mixture I have ever eaten anywhere.  Just delicious they have an old time bread, and are liberal with the mayonnaise but I loved this Tuna Sub highly recommend it.

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