Friday, February 10, 2017

Howard Beck doesn't have to stick to Sports but he has to stop tweeting fake News

Fine, liberal sports reporters love to get on their high horse when people say "Stick to Sports", they also love to go on diatribes against "fake news" they also love to hate Donald Trump.  However, is it to much to ask that if they insist people are wrong for saying "Stick to Sports" can they at least stick to facts.

Here is a RT he sent about Trumps false claims:
So here is an example of a fake news tweet that he RT which has been since discredited, nowhere on this timeline does there appear to be redaction or apology when the story was discredited
this would be a RT on a EO that did not exist:
again no retraction but he still claims the truth is under attack:
Rumors with no basis in fact, yep:
Another thing that never happened:

As you can see facts are only important if they advance Towards ideology.  I have not bothered to retweet all the social media my friend tells me this that he passes  off as "news".

He is not much of a history expert either apparently he is not familiar with the USS Cole, don't worry he didn't post a retraction:
Idiotic historical comparisons check.

Nope never happened:

Completely unverified twitter account posing as fact:

Yet some more fake news he RT:

Here is an article that discredit all the stories he has chosen to RT:
Fine you want to stick to sports then can I at least at minimum ask that you stick to facts.