Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boycott the City of Rochester as long as Lovely Warren is mayor

The mayor of Rochester Lovely Warren, she of the Uncle Reggie scandal and the RHA board scandal has stepped in it.  Again, upon the decision not to indict Darren Wilson over the Michael Brown shooting, she posted on her facebook inflammatory statements.  With the line that "the cop had no respect for the life of Michael Brown" basically contradicting the findings of the grand jury.  This statement was meant to be provocative, but this crossed the line.

Mayor Warren has taken upon herself in her administration to fire and remove white and Hispanic office holders, to replace them with African Americans.  Lovely Warren like it or not is racist, and antagonistic towards the views of the suburbs.

I understand the local businesses are not responsible for the mayor's views, but as long as she is the mayor of Rochester I cannot in good conscience give money to support her racist views.  There are plenty of innocent business owners in the city, but the line has been crossed, no more shall the city see any of my money and nor should it see any of yours.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Best websites for Free Fandeul, Draftkings, and Daily Fantasy Football advice

I started playing daily fantasy football this year.  I have turned a 25 dollar investment on fanduel into 300 dollars currently so I have won.  How have I done without having any experience at this game?  Simple, I listened to experts and took their advice.  I did not have to pay for any premium memberships I just took what was free and what was out there and I have turned a decent profit.  But there is so much fantasy football advice websites out there?  What are the best for daily leagues such as fanduel or draft kings.

First, you have to understand daily leagues are different then seasonal leagues, the strategy is different thus the advice has to be different.  When Matthew Berry or ESPN makes their ratings for the week, they are doing it will seasonal leagues in mind.  While Berry will occasionally acknowledge daily leagues in his articles, (more and more recently), he is primary crux of his advice is seasonal, not daily.

So where does one go to, to get the best advice on daily fantasy football, well there are a couple of main websites that I use and can highly recommend. As well as podcasts that I consider must listen too.

First off, and this I mean seriously, if you want to win at daily fantasy football you need to read Evan Silva's matchup column on rotoworld.  Evan dissects each in every game over four paragraphs giving you every angle on every player.  Evan is an avid fanduel player and will reference fan duel during the article.  Is Evan right about everything?  No, but the process and the information included in the column provide for straightforward conclusions.
Here is the link to rotoworld:
In addition to Evan Silva rotoworld offers other multiple articles based entirely on fanduel and draftkings plays for that week.  Two authors or experts I encourage you to read, who write at rotoworld are Renee Miller and Adam Levitan both write daily fantasy football articles that provide a wealth of information.

Now there are two websites that cater to the daily fantasy football player that provide some free material and some premium material.  On the bright side, they have provided enough free material that I have a winning record.   Now must of their written material is hidden behind paywalls.  They each offer podcasts.
The first podcast I highly recommend and my favorite to listen to is the Daily Fantasy Sports Podcasts featuring Davis Mattek.  Davis is a highly opinionated DFS player and expert, but he has numbers and information to support his opinions.  He hosts two podcasts one Thursday Evening at  and one Friday at 5.  The Friday at 5 is the best daily fantasy podcast on the internet,  it features Evan Silva, soccer dave and some other guy whose name escapes me.  This is hour is both highly informative and entertaining.  The podcast on Thursday is also high quality but I prefer the Friday due to the presence of Evan Silva who I have said before is probably the best daily fantasy football expert going right now.
Here is the link to the website most of their written material is premium however, the podcasts are free:

The other website that caters to the daily fantasy football player is rotogrinders, again must of their written material is behind a paywall.  However, again you get their podcasts for free, they are under the title of rotogrinders live.  The show I most recommend of their football programming is the Friday shoe that has Al Z. , Adam Levitan and Pete Christenson.  This is a one hour packed show that goes over every game in an entertaining and informative package.  This show is more visually appealing then the Fantasy Insiders show, however, I lean to fantasy insiders for the information.  Although the Friday shoe is quality.  They also produce Wednesday and Thursday shows, which are informative but a step below their Friday show and the Fantasy Insiders show:
Now there are other podcasts and websites out there and I have read and visited a few.  This is just my opinion that you really only need the three websites above to have a successful daily fantasy season.