Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Fan Duel Plays for Week 4 2014 NFL Season

Below I have done all the exhausting research and determined who are the best fanduel plays for week 4 of the NFL season.  I did by who is the best bang for the buck:
Aaron Rodgers 9,500 vs the Bears sure he was down last week.  But did you see what Geno Smith did to the Bears, who knows what Rodgers could do.

Drew Brees 9200, one of the best QBs in football against one of the worst defenses.  Yes, please.  Spare me the Cowboys, are improved defensively.  They just gave up 31 to the Rams.

Matthew Stafford 8600 vs the Jets.  You know who is playing CB for the Jets next week, me.  They have no corners.  Play all qbs at all times vs the Jets.  Bonus is their run defense is great so teams have to throw.

Jay Cutler 8,100 vs Packers-  Fanduel is simple you want good players against bad defenses this is the perfect example.

Colin Kapernick 8100 vs the Eagles,  Did you see what Cousins did to the Eagles, Kapernick has been a quality ff qb this year.

Eli Manning 6900 vs The Redskins-  The Redskins secondary was not good to begin with.  Injuries have made it worse.  Eli has played secretly pretty good recently.
RBs the studs Murry, Bell, Forte and McCoy all have advantageous matchups, you need one of the four in every line up you make.  Now onto the others:

Eddie Lacy 8000 vs the Bears-  this is more of a tournament play, people will shy away from Lacy because of two horrible weeks.  But, the Bears defense is bad, this figures to be a shootout.  There is bust out potential here.  I would avoid in 50/50 or HtoH matchups until he proves it.  But if you are looking for a tournament flier you could do worse.

Lamar Miller 6900 vs the Raiders-  The Raiders have been gashed by RBs in the first three weeks of the year and Miller is an unquestioned number one in Miami.

Donald Brown 6300 vs Jaguars Brown saw over 30 touches vs the Bills, and the Jaguars are the worst team in football.  The warning here is that everyone is going to play Brown this week at that price.  He will easily be the most rostered player.  So, if you are in HtoH or 50-50 assume if you do not choose him you are playing against him.  If you are looking for a fade for the tournament, he is definite one to avoid.  But most likely he is going to put up points all signs point to it.

Khriy Robinson 4900- against high powered offense against a crappy defense.  He got the ball about 20 times last game, chances are he breaks into the end zone in this game.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best Fan Duel Week 2 2014 Fantasy Football Strategies and Plays

I play fanduel, I win more then I lose.  But, no I cannot do it for a living.  But, I can help you win, by reading this blog.  Below I have listed in what my opinion are the best week 2 plays in Fantasy Football in the fanduel salary cap game and system.  I will go via game and list the players I like for this weekend:

Indianapolis Colts- Philadelphia Eagles- I love this game for playing fanduel, if you are playing this should be a high scoring affair and you are going to want multiple action in this game.  LeSean McCoy at 9,2000 while high could be a huge bargain.  Indianapolis has surrendered more then 30 points in its last 3 games.  In fact, the only Eagle I would avoid is Foles only because I think there are better quarterback values to be had.  Jermey Maclin at 6,300 and Zach Ertz at 5,600 are great bargains as well.

As for the Colts they are a tough team to figure who will get the ball and score the touchdowns.  I personally feel luck at 9,200 is too rich, Pep Hamilton will go conservative in the first half like he always does.  The running back situation is murky as Bradshaw and Richardson got equal touches against Denver so that is a stay away situation.  And the receivers are just as murky, with Wayne, Hilton and Nicks all competing for the ball,  The only Colt I see as a possible pick up is Dwayne Allen at 4,800 (he caught a TD last week and was targeted a great deal).

Green Bay Packers NY Jets-  I love love love Aarond Rodgers this week, and if you are tournaments stacking him with Jordy Nelson maybe possible for a huge week.  Jordy's price tag is high at 7,900 but the Jets are going with second and third string corners, and even if Millner comes back, he still sucks.    Cobb is 7,600 is also a strong play but I would go with the number one guy for only 300 more.  Rodgers at 9,100 might be the best qb matchup on the board.  Don't worry about the line the Packers will figure it out.   Their tight end situation is murky and they will probably be kept into block anyways.  Eddie Lacy has a concussion and they will have trouble running on the Jets even if he were healthy, so at 8,200 he is a stay away.

As for the Jets, I do not see much plays here, their offense stinks and receivers and running backs are by committee.  Gun to my head Chris Ivory at 5,700 is not a bad longshot play.

Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills-  The Bills passing game is receiver by committee with Woods, Williams and Watkins getting equal play.  Miami has small corners so Watkins at 5,900 and Woods at 5,200 being interesting long shot plays.  The Bills have run the ball at will against Miami in their recent matchups so RB is the way to go here CJ Spiller at 7,500 is a good bargain but he does not get goaline carries  Fred Jackson who is only 5,700 is their third down back gets goal line carries is a great bargain this week.  Remember Miami's starting linebackers are out.

Miami Dolphins-  I tend to avoid the Phins running game this week with Moreno and Miller splitting carries and the Bills run defense being better then New Englands.  The matchup I love is Charles Clay against the Bills he is only 5,800.  Jarius Byrd is gone and the Bills safeties and linebackers are iffy in coverage.  Mike Wallace is an interesting play as well, though Miami maybe too concerned about protection to get Wallace deep in this game.  Tannehill at 6,500 if you are looking for a longshot quarterback play maybe money, especially if the Phins get behind early.  He played poort against the Bills in two games last year but will have a better offensive line up with him this year.

St. Louis Tampa Bay- Needless to say both defenses are strong plays here as both offenses looked impotent in the seasons first week.  The Rams Defense can be had for 4,800 and the Bucs for 4,900.  The offenses are slim pickings Doug Martin looks washed up so 7,400 for him is obscene,  Mike Evans is an interesting wide receiver play however he had 8 targets last week and a touchdown called back and can be had for only 6,000.  Vincent Jackson at 7,300 I like Evans better at his price.  Due to the fact their offense stinks.

But not as bad as the Rams offense stinks.  They are doing running back by committee with Stacy and Cunningham splitting carries so avoid and their receiver and quarterback situation is worse.  Couple that with a horrible OC and the Rams O is a dumpster fire, avoid at all costs.

KC at Denver-  Manning is a gimmie play anyweek, the Chiefs defense lost tow defenders as well to injuries and their corners are suspect.  I love Demaryuis Thomas this week, he is at 8,700 second highest receiver salary on the board but he should earn it.  Julius Thomas salary shot up to 8,100, and after three touchdowns he is probably overpriced.  Emmanuel Sanders at 6.,900 I also believe is too high for an iffy touchdown proposition.  But if you are in a head to head or 50/50 league, he provides solid production and consistency.  Monte Ball is a great play as all Denver starting RBs are he sucked last week and still scored 17 points.  At 8,100 he is a great bet especially in 50/50 or head to head leagues for guaranteed production.  If you are mining for defenses to play Denver at 5,400 maybe a great play, I am not sure how KC will move the ball on them.

Kansas City-  Jamal Charles was horrible last week, he is still 9,100 I would not dive in until I see him start to deliver a big week here or there.  Tight End targets were split last week so I would avoid both McGrath and Kelce.  Dwayne Bowe might be worth a sniff at 6,400 since he is their only NFL caliber receiver.  Alex Smith was horrible last week there is no sign that will change stay away.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters to 98.9 the Breakfast Buzz is doomed to fail

Entercomm is switching their successful team of Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters from the morning show at 98 pxy to the Breakfast Buzz.  This move is being performed due to the removal of Kimberly and Beck from the transgender scandal in May.  The man behind this move is Mike Danger. 
A couple facts 98 pxys morning show will be fine without Scott and Sandy.  Meghan Carter has needed a bigger platform for sometime and is a vast improvement over Sandy Waters.  I know nothing about the new host, but I have no doubt the formula will be the same and that the target audience will not leave since PXY enjoys a virtual monopoly over their target demographic in this market.  Essentially, Scott and Sandy were not successful because they were a great morning show, they were successful because they had a monopoly in this market.  Every market has a morning show such as Scott and Sandy and what they were doing it not unique and most of their bits were played out and stolen.  Add this into the factor the show struggled a lot after Duffy left for humor.

But, now switching them to an adult station is doomed to fail.  Scott and Sandy for better are worse are type casted similar to why no one from MASH ever made it big again.  Most times when you are type casted it is had to break the stereotype.  Many of the Buzz viewers are going to hear their voices and turn it, simply because they will think that is who my kids listen to.  Furthermore, with rumors of a Kimberly and Beck return in the offing, this will further syphon viewers if that comes to fruition.  Remember, it was not Kimberley and Beck listeners who were outraged over the transgender comments it was outside influences.  Those viewers will travel with Kimberly and Beck, and to replace them with a lightweight such as Sandy Waters is prone to disaster.  The Breakfast Buzz requires people with personality and strong opinions something that Sandy Waters has proven incapable of forming during her decade plus on the air in Rochester.  I actually feel Scott Spezzano may thrive in this arrangement as he seemed to grow tired of the PXY format.  But, that same format protected and coddled Waters.