Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Fan Duel Plays for Week 4 2014 NFL Season

Below I have done all the exhausting research and determined who are the best fanduel plays for week 4 of the NFL season.  I did by who is the best bang for the buck:
Aaron Rodgers 9,500 vs the Bears sure he was down last week.  But did you see what Geno Smith did to the Bears, who knows what Rodgers could do.

Drew Brees 9200, one of the best QBs in football against one of the worst defenses.  Yes, please.  Spare me the Cowboys, are improved defensively.  They just gave up 31 to the Rams.

Matthew Stafford 8600 vs the Jets.  You know who is playing CB for the Jets next week, me.  They have no corners.  Play all qbs at all times vs the Jets.  Bonus is their run defense is great so teams have to throw.

Jay Cutler 8,100 vs Packers-  Fanduel is simple you want good players against bad defenses this is the perfect example.

Colin Kapernick 8100 vs the Eagles,  Did you see what Cousins did to the Eagles, Kapernick has been a quality ff qb this year.

Eli Manning 6900 vs The Redskins-  The Redskins secondary was not good to begin with.  Injuries have made it worse.  Eli has played secretly pretty good recently.
RBs the studs Murry, Bell, Forte and McCoy all have advantageous matchups, you need one of the four in every line up you make.  Now onto the others:

Eddie Lacy 8000 vs the Bears-  this is more of a tournament play, people will shy away from Lacy because of two horrible weeks.  But, the Bears defense is bad, this figures to be a shootout.  There is bust out potential here.  I would avoid in 50/50 or HtoH matchups until he proves it.  But if you are looking for a tournament flier you could do worse.

Lamar Miller 6900 vs the Raiders-  The Raiders have been gashed by RBs in the first three weeks of the year and Miller is an unquestioned number one in Miami.

Donald Brown 6300 vs Jaguars Brown saw over 30 touches vs the Bills, and the Jaguars are the worst team in football.  The warning here is that everyone is going to play Brown this week at that price.  He will easily be the most rostered player.  So, if you are in HtoH or 50-50 assume if you do not choose him you are playing against him.  If you are looking for a fade for the tournament, he is definite one to avoid.  But most likely he is going to put up points all signs point to it.

Khriy Robinson 4900- against high powered offense against a crappy defense.  He got the ball about 20 times last game, chances are he breaks into the end zone in this game.

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