Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters to 98.9 the Breakfast Buzz is doomed to fail

Entercomm is switching their successful team of Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters from the morning show at 98 pxy to the Breakfast Buzz.  This move is being performed due to the removal of Kimberly and Beck from the transgender scandal in May.  The man behind this move is Mike Danger. 
A couple facts 98 pxys morning show will be fine without Scott and Sandy.  Meghan Carter has needed a bigger platform for sometime and is a vast improvement over Sandy Waters.  I know nothing about the new host, but I have no doubt the formula will be the same and that the target audience will not leave since PXY enjoys a virtual monopoly over their target demographic in this market.  Essentially, Scott and Sandy were not successful because they were a great morning show, they were successful because they had a monopoly in this market.  Every market has a morning show such as Scott and Sandy and what they were doing it not unique and most of their bits were played out and stolen.  Add this into the factor the show struggled a lot after Duffy left for humor.

But, now switching them to an adult station is doomed to fail.  Scott and Sandy for better are worse are type casted similar to why no one from MASH ever made it big again.  Most times when you are type casted it is had to break the stereotype.  Many of the Buzz viewers are going to hear their voices and turn it, simply because they will think that is who my kids listen to.  Furthermore, with rumors of a Kimberly and Beck return in the offing, this will further syphon viewers if that comes to fruition.  Remember, it was not Kimberley and Beck listeners who were outraged over the transgender comments it was outside influences.  Those viewers will travel with Kimberly and Beck, and to replace them with a lightweight such as Sandy Waters is prone to disaster.  The Breakfast Buzz requires people with personality and strong opinions something that Sandy Waters has proven incapable of forming during her decade plus on the air in Rochester.  I actually feel Scott Spezzano may thrive in this arrangement as he seemed to grow tired of the PXY format.  But, that same format protected and coddled Waters. 

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