Thursday, May 22, 2014

Does the Democrat and Chronicle employ an anti Christian bigot?

One of the staunched advocates of firing Kimberly and Beck was a women by the name Andrea Raethka she wrote a blog about how Kimberly and Beck should be fired because they are bigots.  Feels that people need to be educated below you will find a sampling of her statements and quotes from her personal blog and twitter account.  Read the anti Christian and anti Conservative bigotry based on her own qualifications as she articulated in the Democrat and Chronicle she is a bigot.  If the D and C does not ends it relationship with her immediately, they are endorsing bigotry. 
Someone defending spanking their kids because it's biblical on Facebook.. I *probably* should have just backed away slowly. @.o
Don Jones fined for Michael Sam tweets = shut your bigot mouth. have we learned our lesson yet Hollywood/sports stars/ famous chefs?
I really don’t know why we’d be surprised when a graduate from Roberts Wesleyan College, a known local Christian college would be against a Gay Bachelor. I mean, duh
Robertson is an extremist  bigoted nut, Juan Pablo Galavais’ is a run of the mill conservative close minded Christian. Big difference in their level of speech
I debated on giving this jack off anymore air time, but I figured it’s newsworthy so people can know what types of things are being preached about. *vomit*
You know the one where Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty made a number of statements that you would very well not be surprised if said by a super redneck conservative Christian
 This is really what the right wing Conservative party thrives on, being filled with the Paula Deens and the Phil Robertsons. Bigotry sells (big time) as long as you just tiptoe the line, and not sort of jump full over it without acting like you just made a slip of the tongue.

The Kimberly and Beck Double Standard of the Democrate and Chronicle

The Democrat and Chronicle has been grandstanding, oops I mean covering the Kimberly and Beck controversy and feeding the outrage industry in this country.  I am sure you remember all the outrage from the Democrat and Chronicle reporters from Bill Mahrer's anti Christian rants or some of the anti Mormon comments of Mitt Romney.  Oh, that's right.  But here are some tweets by these "supposedly" neutral reporters covering this issue.  Let us understand, their comments were not what I would term "hateful" or a number of people.  But D and C reporters and the newspaper took it as such.  Here is some tweets:

Sports Reporter: Jeff DiVeronica@RocDevo 10h
Hadn't heard this. Dumb and cruel. Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 w/Transphobic Rant
Dumb and Cruel?  really, what was cruel about as for dumb I believe legit issues are raised about using tax dollars for sex change operations.
Community Reporter: Max Anderson "Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 The Buzz With Transphobic Rant," by Mango
This women works for the D and C in some way: Marilyn Ajavananda@MAjavananda 17h
Good blog: Local Radio Hosts, Kimberly and Beck, Disgrace Station, 98.9 The Buzz With Transphobic Rant via
But nothing is as pure trash is the blog that was somehow allowed to be published by Andrea Raethka-  let us get over the fact and I have gone through her archives and see no mention of any outrage of wanting Bill Mahrer taken off the air or anybody for anti Christian comments.  Come on be consistent Andrea otherwise you are a joke.
First you applauds the city of Rochester for its fabulous progressive decision to have trans gender people obtain free sex change operations.  That statement right there should disqualify her from writing this blog, since she has admitted to having a dog in the fight.  And to not even hint that there might be another side to this issue.
She then refers to them as infamously terrible radio host, again this is her opinion but to make a statement like that is disingenuous and not fair, so you think they are terrible what does that have to do with their opinion.  That is just taking a cheap shot.
This is what she considered so offensive:
The radio hosts both equated reconstructive surgery for transgendered people to cosmetic breast enhancement and taking care of facial wrinkles and jokingly suggested that the reason the city would do this could be that Lovely Warren could be related to someone that wants to have a surgery due to being transgendered. The hosts even went as low as criticizing and mocking a local transgendered high school student for being able to play on the girl’s softball team. The hosts then ended the segment with Aerosmith’s song, “Dude looks like a lady.”
Everything they just stated Andy, is a legit point.  Transgender surgery is like cosmetic surgery.  The Lovely Warren comment was a joke, are we allowed to still make those in this country? A transgendered teen should not be allowed to play softball, and Dude looks like a lady was funny.  But, please do not get off your high horse.  Can you show us how uneducated you are on transgender issues?
She calls the segment disgusting and pure ignorant hate (kind of like your column so far).
This part takes the cake:
Its nonsense broadcasts like this that spreads harmful misinformation, encourages bullying and shouldn’t be tolerated by radio stations nor its advertisers. I plan on contacting the radio station to express my disgust as well as express my disappointment to their advertisers to let them know I’m not happy with them supporting such hateful transphobic radio personalities. If you want to do the same, you can contact 98.9 The Buzz here.
How did the D and C allow this paragraph on their website.  This is termed activism journalism but to like to their employer is not something any self respecting newspaper would or should allow.  Calling for a boycott in an editorial not your job D and C.  You are a newspaper not an advocacy paper.
And nothing like a threat:
 People like that and quasi-celebrities everywhere need to understand that their actions, although they have the freedom of speech, they should not and are not exempt from consequences. I will repeat: freedom of speech does not mean we, the consuming public, will not react upon you.
You know what her article was missing a single fact to support her position.  Lets get this straight all research indicates trans gender is a choice.  Do they get bullied anymore then other kids, no studies support that as well.   Your job is a newspaper reporter is to stand by a piece with facts, not hateful screeching, that has been produced here.  There can be just one thing left to do
Boycott the D and C until Andy Rafeatka gets his/her column revoked.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The day Michelle Beadle called me an "Asshat" for my opinion

Michelle Beadles is a failed host of an NBC sports network show and is now a current host of ESPNs lowly rated sportsnation.  When Michael Sam was drafted by the St Louis Rams, she had some opinions she had to share.  And it was clear everyone who disagreed with her was wrong.

Whatever you think of the Michael Sam making out with his boyfriend, should be your opinion.  ESPN felt the need to write an article about a football player who used the word "horrible" to describe.  How dare he have an opinion.  Some people think that homosexuality is morally wrong.  They are allowed to have that opinion, it does not make them bigots.  A bigot denies a homosexual a job because they are a homosexual.  If a person thinks being a homosexual is morally wrong but does treats homosexuals the same as heterosexuals they are not bigots.  But anyways I digress, back to Clay Matthew's girlfriend.

So, after Michael Sam was chosen by the Rams Michelle Beadle took to twitter.  And of course she did what anybody would do.  She looked for people with what she considered bigoted posts and retweeted them.

First tweet:

Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
And then there's this guy.
Her 2nd where she calls somebody gay.  Hypocrisy in this tweet a little:
Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
Why don't u like it? Do u feel funny? What about a man & a woman? : if you dont like seeing 2 guys kissing on tv then your a bigot
The last one is what set me off, clearly these are people with a different opinion of hers that she refuses to tolerate.  There is nothing hateful about these people's tweets they have a different opinion of homosexuality then hers.  But they must be BIGOTS.  Again, these tweets are so horrible she felt the need to share it with thousands of her followers.  But here is my tweet after this one:
Busted! I'm intolerant of ignorant asshats RT: you are mistaken hate with a difference of opinion. exposing your own intolerance 
That's right, she fought supposed intolerance with name calling.  You are called an asshat, for pointing out her own intolerance and how these comments were not bigoted.  My favorite part is half the people who saw her tweet sided with me.
Why does this matter?  ESPN did an article on an athlete that called the Michael Sam kiss horrible.  But one of their own employees called me an asshat for trying to engage her in a conversation for having a different opinion then her.  After this my timeline blew up, nothing bad happened, I could care less. But I think she needs to apologize.  I did not call her a name at any time but she the employee of a multi billion dollar company felt the need to call me an ass hat for having a different opinion.
As society we cannot move forward when names are being called in any direction.  I do not wish Beadle fired (like she did the first tweet she retweeted).  I wish an apology and an acceptance that some people do not see the issue as she does, and those people do not deserve to be called names just like Michael Sam.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten Things Tops does better then Wegmans

Wegmans to some people is a religion never to be questioned, while Tops is considered the step brother that is never talked about.  I am here to tell you that there are items that Tops does superior to Wegmans.  Try to cover you eyes you liberal elitist snobs that want to ignore all faults in your pagan master.  So without further ado Ten Things Tops does Better then Wegmans:
8.  Chicken Salad-  Tops uses there rotisserie chicken to make a delicious chicken salad.  While Wegmans is bland and without flavor.

7. Putting their specials at the front of the store.  What does Wegmans put in the front of there stores, normally some produce that is in season but obscenely over priced or perhaps the latest and greatest organic wegmans cereal.  What is in the front of Tops store, there latest buy one get one free offering, specials, sales.  What a unique concept? Its like they actually are helping the consumer instead of pushing their latest high priced liberal lovefest food.

6. Deli Counter-  Imagine not having to wait 30 minutes to get your slices of salami.  Tops is faster, and there is never a line.  And dirty secrets their deli meats are brand name at lower prices then Wegman's generic deli meats.  But continue to feed at Danny's trough.

5. Meatballs-  This is not even close.  Tops has one of the best meatballs in the area.  They are made fresh in store, instead of shipped in.  Now I am talking about the Tops meatballs in the meat area.  Trust me, the Tops meatballs are restaurant quality, you have to pay Wegmans prices for them, but they are worth it.

4. Cashiers-  Tops cashiers are pros.  Wegman's cashiers are just trying to angle for the latest scholarship.  Tops cashiers tend to be professional and can handle most coupons and any other special requests needed.  If something does not go as planned at Wegmans, they cannot click the button for the manager fast enough.

3. Buffalo Chicken anything- whether it be buffalo chicken wings, boneless wings or Pizza.  Tops Buffalo chicken is superior to Wegmans.  Why? because unlike Wegmans Tops uses brand name anchor sauce.  While Wegmans is beholden the Danny God, and must use Wegmans brand.

2. Manager Specials-  Tops has them all the time.  When is the last time you saw a managers special at Wegmans which eclipse was that?

1. Parking Lots this is undeniable.  You can actually navigate a Tops parking lot in less then 30 minutes.   As opposed to the endless maze that is a Wegmans parking lot.  Wegmans parking lot is like constantly retaking a drivers test, with so many curbs and jack ass drivers, that makes a NYC cab ride seem like a vacation.