Sunday, May 11, 2014

The day Michelle Beadle called me an "Asshat" for my opinion

Michelle Beadles is a failed host of an NBC sports network show and is now a current host of ESPNs lowly rated sportsnation.  When Michael Sam was drafted by the St Louis Rams, she had some opinions she had to share.  And it was clear everyone who disagreed with her was wrong.

Whatever you think of the Michael Sam making out with his boyfriend, should be your opinion.  ESPN felt the need to write an article about a football player who used the word "horrible" to describe.  How dare he have an opinion.  Some people think that homosexuality is morally wrong.  They are allowed to have that opinion, it does not make them bigots.  A bigot denies a homosexual a job because they are a homosexual.  If a person thinks being a homosexual is morally wrong but does treats homosexuals the same as heterosexuals they are not bigots.  But anyways I digress, back to Clay Matthew's girlfriend.

So, after Michael Sam was chosen by the Rams Michelle Beadle took to twitter.  And of course she did what anybody would do.  She looked for people with what she considered bigoted posts and retweeted them.

First tweet:

Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
And then there's this guy.
Her 2nd where she calls somebody gay.  Hypocrisy in this tweet a little:
Michelle Beadle @MichelleDBeadle 15h
Why don't u like it? Do u feel funny? What about a man & a woman? : if you dont like seeing 2 guys kissing on tv then your a bigot
The last one is what set me off, clearly these are people with a different opinion of hers that she refuses to tolerate.  There is nothing hateful about these people's tweets they have a different opinion of homosexuality then hers.  But they must be BIGOTS.  Again, these tweets are so horrible she felt the need to share it with thousands of her followers.  But here is my tweet after this one:
Busted! I'm intolerant of ignorant asshats RT: you are mistaken hate with a difference of opinion. exposing your own intolerance 
That's right, she fought supposed intolerance with name calling.  You are called an asshat, for pointing out her own intolerance and how these comments were not bigoted.  My favorite part is half the people who saw her tweet sided with me.
Why does this matter?  ESPN did an article on an athlete that called the Michael Sam kiss horrible.  But one of their own employees called me an asshat for trying to engage her in a conversation for having a different opinion then her.  After this my timeline blew up, nothing bad happened, I could care less. But I think she needs to apologize.  I did not call her a name at any time but she the employee of a multi billion dollar company felt the need to call me an ass hat for having a different opinion.
As society we cannot move forward when names are being called in any direction.  I do not wish Beadle fired (like she did the first tweet she retweeted).  I wish an apology and an acceptance that some people do not see the issue as she does, and those people do not deserve to be called names just like Michael Sam.


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