Thursday, May 22, 2014

Does the Democrat and Chronicle employ an anti Christian bigot?

One of the staunched advocates of firing Kimberly and Beck was a women by the name Andrea Raethka she wrote a blog about how Kimberly and Beck should be fired because they are bigots.  Feels that people need to be educated below you will find a sampling of her statements and quotes from her personal blog and twitter account.  Read the anti Christian and anti Conservative bigotry based on her own qualifications as she articulated in the Democrat and Chronicle she is a bigot.  If the D and C does not ends it relationship with her immediately, they are endorsing bigotry. 
Someone defending spanking their kids because it's biblical on Facebook.. I *probably* should have just backed away slowly. @.o
Don Jones fined for Michael Sam tweets = shut your bigot mouth. have we learned our lesson yet Hollywood/sports stars/ famous chefs?
I really don’t know why we’d be surprised when a graduate from Roberts Wesleyan College, a known local Christian college would be against a Gay Bachelor. I mean, duh
Robertson is an extremist  bigoted nut, Juan Pablo Galavais’ is a run of the mill conservative close minded Christian. Big difference in their level of speech
I debated on giving this jack off anymore air time, but I figured it’s newsworthy so people can know what types of things are being preached about. *vomit*
You know the one where Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty made a number of statements that you would very well not be surprised if said by a super redneck conservative Christian
 This is really what the right wing Conservative party thrives on, being filled with the Paula Deens and the Phil Robertsons. Bigotry sells (big time) as long as you just tiptoe the line, and not sort of jump full over it without acting like you just made a slip of the tongue.

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