Friday, February 10, 2017

Howard Beck doesn't have to stick to Sports but he has to stop tweeting fake News

Fine, liberal sports reporters love to get on their high horse when people say "Stick to Sports", they also love to go on diatribes against "fake news" they also love to hate Donald Trump.  However, is it to much to ask that if they insist people are wrong for saying "Stick to Sports" can they at least stick to facts.

Here is a RT he sent about Trumps false claims:
So here is an example of a fake news tweet that he RT which has been since discredited, nowhere on this timeline does there appear to be redaction or apology when the story was discredited
this would be a RT on a EO that did not exist:
again no retraction but he still claims the truth is under attack:
Rumors with no basis in fact, yep:
Another thing that never happened:

As you can see facts are only important if they advance Towards ideology.  I have not bothered to retweet all the social media my friend tells me this that he passes  off as "news".

He is not much of a history expert either apparently he is not familiar with the USS Cole, don't worry he didn't post a retraction:
Idiotic historical comparisons check.

Nope never happened:

Completely unverified twitter account posing as fact:

Yet some more fake news he RT:

Here is an article that discredit all the stories he has chosen to RT:
Fine you want to stick to sports then can I at least at minimum ask that you stick to facts.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Crazy Gabey scammed a bunch of people

You may know Crazy Gabey or Gabriel Harbor from his non stop chatter about ethics in fantasy sports.  His now famous Rape and pillage comments about Fanduel and Draftkings.  Now he seems to be attacking Fantasy Draft for what seems like $15, but he has no problem putting people's names through the mud.  While Crazy Gabey is not as clean and pure as he claims.

Now before I get onto his latest scam it must be mentioned that he was highly involved with Own the Play the since defunct site where the owner had his brother playing on the site.  But it is not about that

As many of you know Crazy Gabey launched a Daily Fantasy website the Daily Fantasy circuit which last all of ten minutes (great job Gabey).  You would think that was harmless enough.  Here is the thing in order to encourage people to play and deposit to use their referral links Gabey offered a contests that has since been scrubbed from the page but does appear in articles.

As you can see in this link:

Here is the outake:
Have you joined the Daily Fantasy Circuit yet? We’re giving away $50,000 for free over the next eight weeksSign up for the Circuit here and start winning money via our weekly leaderboards!

There is no leaderboard as of today it appears Gabey has not given out a single dollar of the 50k he claimed to be giving away.  So no doubt people signed up through his referrals to hopefully play in the contest only to be suprised when there is no contest.  Will Gabey come clean and stop accusing people of crimes, or confronting people in front of Walgreens.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fanduel picks for 1/15/15

Today is a short slate so it is difficult.  Essentially, whether you cash is if you can choose correctly between LeBron, Durant, Westbrook and Harden, and maybe Irving or Howard.  Its hard to say who among those is going to break out, I could be swayed either way.  A couple things do not fear Beverly's defense anymore, Oladipo just put up a 50 spot against the alleged stopper. 

Now one strategy I would advocate for making money on this slate, is play a lot of three man, head to head and 50/50 slate, and fade the Knicks/Bucks.  Anthony and Stoudamaire are going to try and play, some players may not know and load up on cheap knicks who may not play or get enough minutes to reach value.  The same strategy for the Bucks with Ilsarov going to play.  If you play enough games you should be able to double up assuming the Knicks/Bucks does not go into double overtime.  The only playable player in that game is Brandon Knight at 7200.

As for the late games cheapies are hard to come by.  Beverly is almost a must play at 5600.  If Kobe is out (which we will not know by 3) then Lin becomes an option.  At SG I am paying up for Harden on all my teams, I would consider possibly punting the last position with Nick Young at 4400.  Fade JR Smith and Waiters, one may go off but the chances of both doing nothing are also fairly high.

At SF you need to have Durant or James, you cannot fade both.  An interesting strategy would be to play both.  As for the other, Ariza if you can swing it.  I do not hate Wesley Johnson.  Power Forward of the 5,000 - 6,000 gap Montejuntas is by far the best play, and after that Boozer.  Center play Mozgov at 4500 and forget his last outing when he scored a whole 5 points.  If you want to be different have a tournament team where you play Howard and if he goes off you get all the monies.  Word of warning is Perkins and Adams will be guarding neither are slouches and Perkins earned his rep on his defense of Howard.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fanduel NBA picks for 1/8/14

Well, it is a short slate and a fascinating short slate at that.  What is unique as all three of these games could be blowouts.  Houston is going to destroy the Knicks.  Trail Blazers and Raptors both have the ability to destroy the Heat and Hornets.  So where do we go for selections today.  The key to winning tournaments this week is choosing the correct Knick, who will it be? I am learning to Early, this is going to be a blowout he may see over thirty minutes.  Also, a lot of people played him yesterday and got burned so they will not be on him and he is minimum salary.  Acy had one great game, Aldrich is high risk of foul trouble against Howard and Harden.  Hardaway will be guarded by Ariza and Brewer.  Calderon gets Beverly.  In other words all their matchups suck, they may get only 70 points go cheap with Early, because everyone has a bad matchup.  I also do not hate Jason Smith, he has the best matchup of all the Rockets but he is still Jason Smith.

Now onto the Studs we have Lillard, Aldridge, Lowery, Howard, Wade, Bosh, Walker or Harden.  I love Aldridge against the Heat, the Heat get destroyed by the Knicks and the Heat could stick around.  Wade is interesting he is playing up in pace and Wesley Matthews might be out.  Lillard against Chlamers is tasty.

Between Harden and Howard I like Howard but I really am avoiding them because I could see this being a thirty forty point blow out and them getting three quarters, with McHale limiting minutes during the game. With Lowery you have to be careful if DeRozan is back you cannot pay his 9800 salary.  I like Kemba a lot because the Raptors are horrible defensively, and he has incredible usage.  The one caveat they played last night, while the Raptors rested and waited.  But saddle up Henderon at 4900 or take a flier on Neal at 3600, or Kidd Gilchrist at 5300.  Be very careful with Zeller he can have games where he scores lie zero points.
If DeRozan is back avoid all the Raptors, there will be two usable games but it is impossible to figure out who it will be.  Batum if Matthews is out is interesting.  If Freeland is out Kaman and Meyers Leonard become very interesting.

Friday, December 12, 2014

How Jeff Fisher kissed the media's ass to avoid criticism that he sucks

You may have noticed as the Rams are off to another lousy season perhaps they will rally for the Jeff Fisher special 7-9 or 8-8, he has already done it nine times in his career. In fact, in twenty years Jeff Fisher has made the playoffs four times ever.  More stats he has not won a playoff game in a decade.  Of the four times he made the playoffs twice he lost at home and the third time he needed a miracle play.  In fact, if not for the Wycheck lateral Jeff Fisher would have a grand total of one playoff win.  Why is that Jeff Fisher is somehow consider a competent or good coach?  You would think the media would be all over this Kotite imposter.  Look at all the negative stories about Rex Ryan, who by any standard is a better coach then Jeff Fisher.  Why because Jeff Fisher shares an agent with many of the NFL media, and he feeds them stories like it is going out of style.  You think it does not matter check this out.

Take for example Mike Silver of the NFL Network, he shares the same agent as Fisher.  Google Jeff Fisher and Mike Silver and you get such glowing stories as:
Inside the war room for the Michael Sam draft:

Why he chose the Rams over the Dolphins went to you guess it Mike Silver:

Wanna take it farther, during the coverage of the Incognito scandal someone gave Mike Silver a quote they do not realize how Jeff Ireland still has a job in the league.  Does not take a genius to figure out who that was.

Did Mike Silver also talk glowingly of their 2012 draft which featured Brockers sure did:

Here he is reporting that Rob Ryans departure left bad blood with the Rams, I wonder where he gets these stories:

Here he is 2 months ago breaking down a Rams trick play try to avoid the gurgling sounds when he talks about Fisher:

Two Months ago a Story about how Jeff Fishers metal lead them to a victory over the Seahawks:

I checked and went through ten pages of google searches not a single critical thing ever written by him about Jeff Fisher.

What about the agent he shares with Peter King, well the fact is Peter King has been given backstage access to two Rams drafts wonder how he landed that.  You think that does not pay off?  Consider this pattern over the last three years despite being out of the playoff race by November.  Somehow the Rams ended up in his MMQB column as a top 15 team.  Heck, they got there just last week after being the world beater Redskins at home.

Remember when Jeff Fisher criticized Bernie Kosar for his comments about Rams receivers, guess who agreed with him.  Shockingly Peter King:

Guess who agreed with Fisher's decision to kick the FG from the one yard line vs the Cardinals that is right Peter King:

I am not the only one who has noticed the Peter King Jeff Fisher connection:

Here is in 2009 Peter King attacking Titans fans for wanting to fire Jeff Fisher:

Another article on the free pass that Jeff Fisher has been giving referencing Peter King:

Again I went through ten pages not a single article critical of Jeff Fisher by Peter King.

Did you know the coach that invited Chris Mortensen's son to training camp, I bet you can guess.

On the bright side, Jeff Fisher does not like Adam Schefter, how dare he not bow to the lord of 8-8.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spencerport's Racism exposed in the Urban Suburban Program

Yesterday, was perhaps one of the saddest days in Spencerport the towns history, as during the urban suburban hearing, the raw side of Spencerport's racism was fully exposed.  To review the Urban Suburban program is a state funded program that gives opportunity to minority students in the city school district to seek education at a suburban or higher performing district.  You might think what a great program that has no cost to the town taxpayer, increase diversity in the schools and allow other children an opportunity.  Apparently, there are people in Spencerport that oppose it.  Here is a story on the hearing here:

An 81 year old man threatened to not pay the taxes if this passed.  An 81 year old man currently benefiting from Medicare and Social Security was worried that some people might be living off his tax money.

One parent called up the Lonsberry show and was worried about a son or daughter not being able to make a sports team because of the Urban Suburban program (that was a fairly racist observation).
The quotes seemed to come from Montgomery Alabama 1963.

Here is another beauty:
Spencerport District is for people who live here. If they want to go to school here, they can buy a house here,” The shorter version of this quote is "Whites only"

"Forced Diversity is not a good thing"  No, that did not come from George Wallace it was a Spencerport parent's quote.

So ends the day for Spencerport, that will now carry the stain of this hearing for years to come and be known as the most racist town in Monroe County.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boycott the City of Rochester as long as Lovely Warren is mayor

The mayor of Rochester Lovely Warren, she of the Uncle Reggie scandal and the RHA board scandal has stepped in it.  Again, upon the decision not to indict Darren Wilson over the Michael Brown shooting, she posted on her facebook inflammatory statements.  With the line that "the cop had no respect for the life of Michael Brown" basically contradicting the findings of the grand jury.  This statement was meant to be provocative, but this crossed the line.

Mayor Warren has taken upon herself in her administration to fire and remove white and Hispanic office holders, to replace them with African Americans.  Lovely Warren like it or not is racist, and antagonistic towards the views of the suburbs.

I understand the local businesses are not responsible for the mayor's views, but as long as she is the mayor of Rochester I cannot in good conscience give money to support her racist views.  There are plenty of innocent business owners in the city, but the line has been crossed, no more shall the city see any of my money and nor should it see any of yours.