Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Lacrosse SUCKS

Had enough of those arrogant Lacrosse players.  Here are ten reasons lacrosse sucks and is the stupidest sport in America  
10.  The Sport is whiter then snow.  1.9% of the players playing at Division one schools are minorities.  It is almost like non athletic whites found a loophole and a sport they can excel at, without having to worry about "brown" players showing them up.

9. Its not played in 75% of the country, high schools do not have this sport in most of the south and west.  Lacrosse is played in the pockets of upstate NY, Virginia, Maryland and some areas of California.

8.  You cannot see the stupid ball, try watching a game, you though trying to follow a hockey puck was hard.

7.  The players constant have their sticks with them, do football players wear their helmets, do basketball players dribble basketballs in the hall?

No.  6.  The Jerseys, they look like football jerseys, its like saying we are football players only with smaller penises.  I mean a psychiatrist could go on for years on the jerseys alone.

 5. The Rules, its like they just bastardized hockey rules.  In reality lacrosse is a glamorized game of air hockey played by a bunch of racist kids with small penises.

4.  The sport is most popular in America, where it is not popular.  Think of every other sport going, they are big in other parts of the world.  Water Polo is big in Hungary, cricket in India, soccer everywhere.  But no country even considers lacrosse a sport.  Think about that.  

3.  Yeardley Love, could you imagine if that happened in Alabama football.  But Virginia Lacrosse goes on like nothing happened.

2.  Attendance nobody goes.  Their major sport league cannot sell out 10,000 seat arenas, the people have spoken your sport sucks.
1.  Did I mention the small penises?

Why Aquinas Football wins and does it matter

Aquinas Football recently won the 2013 State Championship for the State of New York Class AA.  For this they should be congratulated.  But there are certain facts that must be presented:

 1) Upstate NY does not care about high school football

2) The quality of High School Football in upstate NY is among the lowest in the nation (Don't believe me, look at how many kids get scholarships compared to areas of similar populations).

Aquinas probably has the best coach in the country in Battaglia.  He won at Penfield, which is next to impossible.   Aquinas recruits, its fact they do.  So you are combining a private school that recruits and gives "academic" scholarships with the best coaching in the area of course they are going to win.  For what its worth the elite Triple AAA schools would probably stomp them.   So please, Aquinas is not a feel good story, it is a school that uses its advantages to win at football.  If the non football playing enrollment at Aquinas is not bothered by it, I see no reason for it to bother anyone else.  In conclusion, Aquinas winning in football is neither some great accomplishment to be admired or a reason to look down on the institution.  It is what it is an institution that has an advantage and takes advantage of it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Should Colleges or Universities give athletic scholarships for Lacrosse?

The purpose of most scholarships is to help people attend college that would normally not be able to.  Or to reward somebody with an enhanced ability.  Lets start with these facts:

Every single college lacrosse program in the country loses money

Lacrosse programs add nothing to campus life, and nobody goes to their games, attendance on average is less then 1,000 people.

Lacrosse abnormaly skews to rich kids.  I bet you think that is just a stereotype, and stereotypes are wrong.
Well here is a list of the Top 4 High School Lacrosse Programs and their average income in that area:

1. Ward Melville $96,000
2. Boys Latin Maryland tuition 25,000/year
3. LaSalle College High School PA $99,000
4. Garden City NY 136,000
 I could go on further, but the bottom line lacrosse is a sport that trends to the affluent who do not need the assistance.  It is time for colleges and universities and in the case of public colleges to stop sending kids to college on the tax payer's dime.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Is Richard Davis from Flip this House Broke?

Richard Davis came hard charging into the American viewing public in 2007 as the star of the television show Flip This House.  The show featured Richard flipping houses for a profit with the help of his lovely assistant Ginger.  A lot has changed since that TV show, for one Richard married Ginger, after divorcing his wife.

Richard sued A and E and won a 4 million dollar verdict.  He then launched a competing show on TLC, which failed miserably.

But recently, it appears Richard and his company Trademark properties has fallen on hard times.  He was recently sued by a real estate agent for trying to nudge him out of a restaurant deal:

The real interesting segment of the lawsuit is where, the real estate agent contends that Richard Davis and Trademark Properties have outstanding liens and are in serious debt.  You might think this is just ramblings of a lawsuit.  Except, read this lawsuit against him from Wells Fargo, and read what they are going after:

$370,000 Loan to Richard Davis
$350,000 Loan to Trademark Properties
$1.8 million dollar loan to Trademark Properties
$215,000 Loan to Richard Davis
Essentially after everything is said and done they want 4 million dollars due for Richard Davis's defaults. Here is the link to read about it:
So it appears even financial genius can burn through over four million dollars.  Look at that in gap of only eight years he went from winning a lawsuit for 4 million dollars to being sued for 4 million dollars.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Business First Elementary School rankings are biased and wrong

First, off let me say this, I am not affiliated with Business first or a teacher or administrator at any school in the area.  However, after investigating this list especially the elementary school ratings, I observed a fatal flaw in their ranking system.  Quick review: Business First ranks the schools based on a formula that measures socioeconomic and test scores to find the best schools in a given area in Western NY.  The affluent school districts always score the highest, so clearly the system is not weighted correctly.  But, I have figured out a fatal flaw to their elementary school rankings.

Now follow me for a second, Business first, creates a socioeconomic rating based on a districts level of wealth.  They have a certain system for establishing the wealth for a district, and I have no issue with the formula.  They then take the socioeconomic status of a district and combine it with the test scores to generate a ranking for a given school.

The problem with the elementary school rankings is that every school in a district gets the same socioeconomic rank.  So, consequently in very diverse districts with multiple economy levels.  The wealthier elementary schools in that district have an inherent advantage in the factoring of the rankings. Most districts have more then one elementary school, and every elementary school is unique in its cross section of enrollment.  For example, the elementary schools that dominate the rankings in Business First is Penfield: Cobbles, Scribner and Harris Hill all rank in the top 5.  While Indian Landing the other elementary school is the district, ranks about 17.  Why does this occur? It is simple really, Indian Landing has a poorer clientele and enrollment of the other three elementary schools, but because Business First calculates for an average of the district, Indian Landing is unfairly penalized, while the other three schools are unfairly rewarded in the ranking system employed.  Essentially, the other three Penfield elementary schools score lower then they actually are on their economic scale, so when they combine this with their test scores, those three schools float to the top.  There are multiple examples of this in districts around Western NY.

You might say what is the big deal?  Clearly, you have never talked to a parent, teacher or principle of one of the elementary schools unfairly penalized.  In the grand scheme of things will this keep a child out of college, the answer is No.  But, you cannot publicize and promote a ranking system, when the ranking system you use, has such an obvious flaw.

The Fall of WHAM and Lonsberry

1180 WHAM is losing viewers by the day, not because people are changing the channel, but because their viewership is dying.  The signs of 1180 WHAMs decline is everywhere, recently their news director left to join NPR.  They have juggled Lonsberry's schedule yet again moving him 30 minutes earlier.  None of this will save WHAM.  The problem for WHAM is a stodgy, unqualified management that is fiddling and holding on to an outdated business model.

You probably think this the bitter rantings of a lunatic, yes I am crazy.  And at one time, I used to love WHAM, I still think Bob Matthews is a great sports talk show host.  Though he has slowed down in recent year.  He was one of the most innovative sports talk hosts on the radio at one time.  However, in WHAM I see a station, whose website is poorly constructed and confusing.  The depth of the articles make a YMCA pool deep.  Lonsberry and Matthews are the only two personalities that have even semi interesting blogs.  Think about that the largest radio station in Rochester, only has two blogs that are readable and gather page views.  That is an indictment on itself.  For a station that prides itself on news its web page is bland and looks like a webpage circa 1996.

You can argue rating are high, guess what if I started a station from scratch in Rochester tomorrow and had Limbaugh and Hannity, my ratings would be through the roof too.  But, the stations completely inept failure to engage a younger audience has set its death spiral in motion.  Lonsberry's audience is over 55, conservative and white, just what advertisers are looking for.  If you do not think he can be fired due to poor ratings, check out what happened in Utah.  The sad part is WHAM had an excellent opportunity to replace Lonsberry when Rachael Barnhart's contract was up at Channel 13, but probably did not make a contract offer.   She could have revolutionized WHAM, but that would require management, that can see the forest through the trees.  Lonsberry will not retire he is 62 with young kids, and WHAM will eventually have to replace him.  The problem is, now when they do, they will be working from a position of weakness.  As WHAMs ratings slowly sink, the death of a once great radio station edges closer and closer to the edge.  While management keeps looking for a time machine to travel back to 1996.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monroe County Schools ranked by Test Scores and Income

A popular question in Monroe county, is what is the best school district?  The answer is generally the district with the highest incomes, because they score better on the standardized tests.  But this overlooks the fact that generally higher income students will outperform low income students on tests.  By now factoring in income into the equation a false narrative develops of the best school districts.  So, what I have done is factored income into the equation in order to establish what the best school district is.  In other words do their students perform to grade level.  So, what was done is school districts were ranked by income, then using the Common Core test results, the schools were ranked in two subjects.

Very simply, the schools were given a score of minus one if they were below where they should be according to income.  Because in a vacuum the school with the highest income should score the highest on tests.  Does this punish the higher schools since they are more prone to negative scores, not really.  Because there income functions as a net, the higher income schools are only going to fall so far.  So here is the number first income.  I chose not to rate the city because they have multiple high schools and are too large to be measured by a system like this.
This is the website I used to determine a school district's wealth or income:
To see the numbers used to get this rating check the numbers below the ratings.  Without further ado, the best school districts in Monroe County rated from Best to Worst according to my formula

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1. Spencerport +16
2. West Irondquoit +8
3. Churchville Chili +7
4. Brockport +6
5. Hilton +6
6. Honeyoeye Falls +5
7. Fairport +3
8. Penfield +2
9. Brighton 0
10. Webster -2
11. Greece -2
12. Pittsford -2
13. Victor -4
14. East Rochester -4
15. Rush Henrietta -9
16. Gates Chili -10
17. East Irondequoit -16
As one can see Brockport and West Irondequoit appear to be the two best districts in Monroe County at over performing expectations.  One should note that Brighton stayed at number 2 and Penfield was two spots above 3.  So those are 2 Top 3 schools that met or exceeded expectations.  I have a feeling my numbers on East Irondequoit income may be poor to explain such a huge drop.    As you can see most districts met or exceeded expectations with two exceptions Gates Chili and Rush Henrietta.  So, I hope people find these rankings helpful.  I was just sick of seeing lists that overrated privilege. The takeaway from this list is we have good teachers in Monroe County other then Rush Henrietta and Gates Chili.  I kid I kid.

Income ratings:
1. Pittsford
3. Penfield
4. Rush Henrietta
5. Victor
6. Webster
7. Honeyoeye Falls
8. Fairport
9. East Irondequoit
10. West Irondequoit
11. Gates Chili
12. East Rochester
13. Greece
14. Hilton
15. Churchville Chili
16. Spencerport
17. Brockport
Now there State Test Ranks English
1. Pittsford
2. Brighton
3. Penfield
4. W Irondequoit
5.  Hoenoeye Falls
6. Victor
7. Webster
8. Fairport
9. Spencerport
10. Hilton
11. Rush Henrietta
12. Churchville Chili
13. Brockport
14. East Rochester
15. Greece
16. Gates Chile
17. E Irondequoit
Now Math
1. Penfield
2. Brighton
3. Pittsford
4. Honeoyoe Falls
5. Fairport
6. Rush Henrietta
7. Webster
8. W Irondequoit
9. Victor
10. Spencerport
11. Churchville Chili
12. Hilton
13. Greece
14. East Rochester
15. Brockport
16. Gates Chili
17. East Irondquoit

Top 21 Reasons Wegmans SUCKS

I am so sick of everybody talking about how great Wegmans is, and especially rochestarians.  This is 21 reasons that Wegmans actually sucks.  It is a response to the 25 reasons Wegmans is awesome

21.  The parking, if I wanted to have to park like I was at a sporting event I would.  I do not like spending ten minutes navigating a parking lot

20. The Limousine Liberals that frequent Wegmans.  They are all about helping the poor, as long as they are not in their grocery store.

19. The Happy Employees-  Give me the "I hate the world" mentality of the Topps employee.  I am in a grocery store I am there to shop, not find out how much you love your job.  Just scan the groceries.

18. When I am out of town, and run into somebody from Rochester.  They bring up Wegmans, not the Lilac Festival, Sea Breeze, Garbage Plates, Frederick Douglas, or Susan B Anthony.  They talk about a fucking grocery store

17. Organic section A limousine liberals paradise buying food that is not proven to be any better for you then the normal food.  But, it looks so pretty and is raised the right way.  Its food, Grow up.

16. People who wear Wegmans shirts in public, would you wear Wal Mart or Target??? Grow Up.

15. Organic section again, people think they are doing the world right by eating organic.  Actually, it promotes world hunger because the land is used inefficiently, but that would be hard for you to think about with the stick up your ass.

14. People that buy Wegman's Chinese and Indian Food.  Excuse me, can I purchase your prepared food for twice what it would cost in a restaurant and yet still have worse quality? WHAT A DEAL!!!!

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13. The Olive Bar-  Who the hell shops at a grocery store for the Olive Bar?  You know what I notice about the Olive Bar, nobody is ever there actually choosing Olives to buy.  What the hell is its purpose???? How many olives bad??? Ooops forgot this is Wegmans, everything they do is awesome.

12. The look people give you, when they find out you shop at Topps.  Sorry, I believe in saving money, and enjoying Buy one get one free specials and getting money off gas.  Also, Topps is cheaper, it just is

11.  The look that you get when you say you shop at Price Right or Aldi's.  They should just say, "I guess you have to shop there, when you are on food stamps."

10. People who when talking about Rochester brag about Wegmans.  Its a Grocery Store, if you brag about your grocery store your city sucks or you do.  Probably both.

9. The Pittsford Wegmans-  Why they do not put a sign up that says "Our customers hate children, enter at your own risk" is beyond me.

8. The people from Rochester who come back. and  one of their trips is to Wegmans.  Wegmans is a grocery store, spend more time with your Uncle.  Oh and GROW UP

7. The Bulk Food section, Wegmans contribution to the obese society, and their cashiers sheer inability to actually tabulate the bulk food prices.

6. The "Local Produce" theme- wow, great now I can contribute to you and the farmer.  Where, if I went to the farmers farm stand he would only get the money.  But, now I can buy the local produce at Wegmans so both Wegmans and the farmer get the money. I'm helping people!!

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5.  The fact that Wegmans means test where they are going to put their stores.  And not one limousine liberal seems bothered by this practice.  That's right, we talk about helping the poor, we don't actually help the poor.

4.  Wegmans catering-- You can buy your local produce and help put local catering companies out of business in one stop

3.  Wegmans subs-- Is there a more overrated food item in America, go to Subway.  They are cheaper and better.

2. The "I walked into Wegmans get to get two items and left with ten items spent 50 dollars and did not get the products I wanted" person.  Seriously, why are we celebrating your stupidity.  Where in America could you say that and not have half the people think "All that proves is you are an idiot"

1.  Its a Grocery Store, people need to get a grip.