Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monroe County Schools ranked by Test Scores and Income

A popular question in Monroe county, is what is the best school district?  The answer is generally the district with the highest incomes, because they score better on the standardized tests.  But this overlooks the fact that generally higher income students will outperform low income students on tests.  By now factoring in income into the equation a false narrative develops of the best school districts.  So, what I have done is factored income into the equation in order to establish what the best school district is.  In other words do their students perform to grade level.  So, what was done is school districts were ranked by income, then using the Common Core test results, the schools were ranked in two subjects.

Very simply, the schools were given a score of minus one if they were below where they should be according to income.  Because in a vacuum the school with the highest income should score the highest on tests.  Does this punish the higher schools since they are more prone to negative scores, not really.  Because there income functions as a net, the higher income schools are only going to fall so far.  So here is the number first income.  I chose not to rate the city because they have multiple high schools and are too large to be measured by a system like this.
This is the website I used to determine a school district's wealth or income:
To see the numbers used to get this rating check the numbers below the ratings.  Without further ado, the best school districts in Monroe County rated from Best to Worst according to my formula

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1. Spencerport +16
2. West Irondquoit +8
3. Churchville Chili +7
4. Brockport +6
5. Hilton +6
6. Honeyoeye Falls +5
7. Fairport +3
8. Penfield +2
9. Brighton 0
10. Webster -2
11. Greece -2
12. Pittsford -2
13. Victor -4
14. East Rochester -4
15. Rush Henrietta -9
16. Gates Chili -10
17. East Irondequoit -16
As one can see Brockport and West Irondequoit appear to be the two best districts in Monroe County at over performing expectations.  One should note that Brighton stayed at number 2 and Penfield was two spots above 3.  So those are 2 Top 3 schools that met or exceeded expectations.  I have a feeling my numbers on East Irondequoit income may be poor to explain such a huge drop.    As you can see most districts met or exceeded expectations with two exceptions Gates Chili and Rush Henrietta.  So, I hope people find these rankings helpful.  I was just sick of seeing lists that overrated privilege. The takeaway from this list is we have good teachers in Monroe County other then Rush Henrietta and Gates Chili.  I kid I kid.

Income ratings:
1. Pittsford
3. Penfield
4. Rush Henrietta
5. Victor
6. Webster
7. Honeyoeye Falls
8. Fairport
9. East Irondequoit
10. West Irondequoit
11. Gates Chili
12. East Rochester
13. Greece
14. Hilton
15. Churchville Chili
16. Spencerport
17. Brockport
Now there State Test Ranks English
1. Pittsford
2. Brighton
3. Penfield
4. W Irondequoit
5.  Hoenoeye Falls
6. Victor
7. Webster
8. Fairport
9. Spencerport
10. Hilton
11. Rush Henrietta
12. Churchville Chili
13. Brockport
14. East Rochester
15. Greece
16. Gates Chile
17. E Irondequoit
Now Math
1. Penfield
2. Brighton
3. Pittsford
4. Honeoyoe Falls
5. Fairport
6. Rush Henrietta
7. Webster
8. W Irondequoit
9. Victor
10. Spencerport
11. Churchville Chili
12. Hilton
13. Greece
14. East Rochester
15. Brockport
16. Gates Chili
17. East Irondquoit

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