Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Should Colleges or Universities give athletic scholarships for Lacrosse?

The purpose of most scholarships is to help people attend college that would normally not be able to.  Or to reward somebody with an enhanced ability.  Lets start with these facts:

Every single college lacrosse program in the country loses money

Lacrosse programs add nothing to campus life, and nobody goes to their games, attendance on average is less then 1,000 people.

Lacrosse abnormaly skews to rich kids.  I bet you think that is just a stereotype, and stereotypes are wrong.
Well here is a list of the Top 4 High School Lacrosse Programs and their average income in that area:

1. Ward Melville $96,000
2. Boys Latin Maryland tuition 25,000/year
3. LaSalle College High School PA $99,000
4. Garden City NY 136,000
 I could go on further, but the bottom line lacrosse is a sport that trends to the affluent who do not need the assistance.  It is time for colleges and universities and in the case of public colleges to stop sending kids to college on the tax payer's dime.

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