Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten Things Tops does better then Wegmans

Wegmans to some people is a religion never to be questioned, while Tops is considered the step brother that is never talked about.  I am here to tell you that there are items that Tops does superior to Wegmans.  Try to cover you eyes you liberal elitist snobs that want to ignore all faults in your pagan master.  So without further ado Ten Things Tops does Better then Wegmans:
8.  Chicken Salad-  Tops uses there rotisserie chicken to make a delicious chicken salad.  While Wegmans is bland and without flavor.

7. Putting their specials at the front of the store.  What does Wegmans put in the front of there stores, normally some produce that is in season but obscenely over priced or perhaps the latest and greatest organic wegmans cereal.  What is in the front of Tops store, there latest buy one get one free offering, specials, sales.  What a unique concept? Its like they actually are helping the consumer instead of pushing their latest high priced liberal lovefest food.

6. Deli Counter-  Imagine not having to wait 30 minutes to get your slices of salami.  Tops is faster, and there is never a line.  And dirty secrets their deli meats are brand name at lower prices then Wegman's generic deli meats.  But continue to feed at Danny's trough.

5. Meatballs-  This is not even close.  Tops has one of the best meatballs in the area.  They are made fresh in store, instead of shipped in.  Now I am talking about the Tops meatballs in the meat area.  Trust me, the Tops meatballs are restaurant quality, you have to pay Wegmans prices for them, but they are worth it.

4. Cashiers-  Tops cashiers are pros.  Wegman's cashiers are just trying to angle for the latest scholarship.  Tops cashiers tend to be professional and can handle most coupons and any other special requests needed.  If something does not go as planned at Wegmans, they cannot click the button for the manager fast enough.

3. Buffalo Chicken anything- whether it be buffalo chicken wings, boneless wings or Pizza.  Tops Buffalo chicken is superior to Wegmans.  Why? because unlike Wegmans Tops uses brand name anchor sauce.  While Wegmans is beholden the Danny God, and must use Wegmans brand.

2. Manager Specials-  Tops has them all the time.  When is the last time you saw a managers special at Wegmans which eclipse was that?

1. Parking Lots this is undeniable.  You can actually navigate a Tops parking lot in less then 30 minutes.   As opposed to the endless maze that is a Wegmans parking lot.  Wegmans parking lot is like constantly retaking a drivers test, with so many curbs and jack ass drivers, that makes a NYC cab ride seem like a vacation.

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