Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rachael Barnhart's Liberal Bias

Rachael Barnhart is the best reporter in Rochester, NY currently.  She has had the bravery to question everything from the Jazzfest to Lovely Warren.  Her twitter account has over 20,000 followers and her facebook page regularly generates 100s of comments for news items she posts.  But, she also has a clear liberal bias, which she would never admit to but is plain to see.  One only needs to go to her twitter account and observe the many liberal stories she retweets contrasted to the number of conservative slanted stories she retweets.  (guess what there are no conservative stories).

Need some examples Here we go:
She retweeted this is from a well known liberal blog, she retweets failing to note it is an opinion piece not a factual piece:
Dean Baker @DeanBaker13  ·  1h
reality is so unfair to opponents of minimum wage.Job growth was faster in states that raised MW than other states
Here is the only serious news item she tweeted on the Hobby Lobby case:
Rachel Barnhart @rachbarnhart  ·  21h
The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg's Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision
Oh she hates suburban sprawl:
Brent Toderian @BrentToderian  ·  Jun 29
"Suburban : Not as cheap as you think. The hidden costs are paid by all." Via , worth repeating.
Another great liberal blog piece (still not a single piece that is conservative slanted:
Rachel Barnhart @rachbarnhart  ·  Jun 28
Why free parking is bad for everyone
From the incredibly liberal Wonk Blog:
Rachel Barnhart@rachbarnhart Jun 27
More than three quarters of conservatives say the poor “have it easy”
By the way I believe Climate Change is real but look what she tweet from mashable:
She was in a crazy liberal move on the 27th: Vox is liberal slanted to so far no National Review pieces
How can the Supreme Court have a protest buffer zone if abortion clinics can't?

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