Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Red State and Chris McDaniel invented false voter fraud accusations against Thad Cochran

Chris McDaniel lost him primary election to Thad Cochran.  His actions since then have caused him to lose his political career.  He has acted like the racist that Democrats often say Republicans are.  Suffice it to say you have seen the carnival barkers such as Erick Erickson trumpeting vote buying by Thad Cochran.  The only problem is the information they leave out.  Akin to how the liberal media edits their reports, Red State and Erickson have devolved to mimic them.

What if I told you all this vote buying accusation eminate from one single source who was paid off by the blogger who broke the story.  You would probably say the story is crap, but has Red State mentioned it once, No.  The source of the story is an African American minister who was paid by Thad Cochran's campaign to transport voters to the polls, a common practice in all elections. (shh Chris McDaniel does it too).

Read more about it here: or here:

But now McDaniel is offering money for proof of voter fraud, $1,000 a piece.  If the fraud is so obvious and easy to prove why offer the money.  Simple logic question.  Why cannot Red State call Chris McDaniel on his meltdown.  Because they are afraid of their followers.  You lose we won deal.

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