Sunday, August 10, 2014

Did Mike Brown assault the St Louis Police Officer before being shot

So, by now you have heard of Mike Brown the unarmed 18 year old black male was shot by St Louis Police following getting caught shop lifting.  The coverage has gone out of its way to say Brown was fleeing police.  But, as witness say Brown was in custody, how does one get out of custody without using physical force.  This would seem the natural question and would explain the officers actions.  However, none of the news media seems interested in asking the question.  They are mainly interested in having black witnesses (with obvious axes to grind) attack the police for what they saw.  On a side note, if as many people witnessed this event as they claim did it take place in Edward Jones Dome.  Can the media at least attempt to screen witnesses before putting them on TV, some of these people are clearly lying.

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