Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ranking the Rochester Radio Morning Shows

So, I have listened to all the morning shows in Rochester since Kimberly and Beck left.  And I have decided to rate them and rank them.  I did not include national shoes such as Elvis Durand or Mike and Mike.  Nor did I include 1180, which lets face it is essentially news unfiltered.  Since Chet Walker left there is no personality anymore its just rote news for the most part.

1. The Break Room with Duffy- Duffy has settled into the host roll nicely, the whole cast works together.  And they are funny and witty, with Tommy's comments.  There is no dead weight on this morning shoe which is more then I can say for other shows in town.  Duffy knows sports so his interview of sports people are a little more credible then Moran's who does not know sports as well. 

2. 92.5 WBEE- not my cup of tea as morning shows go.  But again there is no dead weight here and they all play a role.  The host has to carry the show as his sidekicks are what they are sidekicks.  But the show works and flows without obvious flaws.

3. Bill Moran- show is new and still seems to be finding its way.  It feels like it is torn between being the Kimberly and Beck replacement (would have ranked 2 on this list).  They do some sports, the show seems scattered shot, are they trying to be funny or interesting or both.  The segments can vary from day to day.  But they are interesting rarely funny.

4. Tony Matthews-  listen this is a show for Warm 101.3 is not offensive and is subtle, perfect for the audience.  I cannot remember a single joke or subject they have talked about, but maybe that is the point.  Not sure Warm needs a morning guy, pretty sure the ratings would be the same if they went the WHAM route.

5. Scott Spezzano and company-  Essentially this show is Elvis Durand light.  They basically do Elvis Durand bits but a local level.  I do not blame Spezzano for this ranking, the problem is essentially, the replacement for Duffy adds nothing to the show.  Moose and Duffy were funny, the new guy is not funny and not interesting as well.  Sandy Waters was able to hide with Duffy and Moose but now that they are gone.  The band aid has been ripped clean revealing her inability to contribute to the show, we know she is safe because she is married to the program director but none the less.  The show is drowning and Spezzano needs help desperately and shake up here.  Just so you don't think I hate PXY during the Duffy era this show would have been 2 and maybe 1.

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