Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Comission Junction is better then Linkshare

In the land of affiliate marketing one has to be careful, a lot of the opinions you are being served are an enticement for you to purchase something through their link.  So finding an honest take on affiliate marketing sites is very difficult there are some message boards that are informative but that is about it.  I have been affiliate marketing for about three years now with moderate success.  Most if not all of my success has been with Amazon.  But I am not blogging about them today.

I am blogging about linkshare and commission junction (and no I am not going to try and sell you something).  For two years I have tried everything and every angle with commission junction and linkshare.  I have tried posting banners on my website and get  100,000s impression and never had a purchase from a banner.  Banners do not work, and I am talking about putting up 1-800 flowers banners before Valentines day.

One of the problems I have had with linkshare and the main reason I support it over Commission Junction is linkshares tracking stats are inflated.  They always will report hundred of clicks for the smallest of ads.  Whatever, they use it is not a cookie is not accurate.  Linkshare has reputable companies such as Wal Mart 1-800 Flowers and Best Buy, but the only one I have ever converted was Crocs.  The problem it is impossible to figure out what is working.  Contrast that with Commission Junction who at minimum gives accurate data on clicks.  And remember clicks are what you need to track, without clicks there are no conversions.  According to linkshare I once had 2,500 clicks in a month without a conversion, there is just no way.  Where as commission junction, gives accurate click measurements

Also Commission Junction's links are superior to linkshares, the Commission Junction links for individual products include a description where linkshare is just a picture.  Both fail to include the price which is contrast to Amazon.

Anyways this is my two cents, for what its worth I think linkshare is superior to clickbank andshareasale.  But if you do surf websites and message boards you will see complains of linkshare checks being lost in the mail.

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