Monday, October 13, 2014

Where is the outrage over Amy Menz's hit and run

Just three weeks ago the Rochester community came together when officer Pierson was killed in the lined of duty.  There were televised funeral services, funds raised for the family.  Condemnation of the assailant.  Two years before that fire fighters were killed, services from all around.  A Fairport teacher was killed in a drunk driving accident, there is a memorial run, the coverage of the funeral was a huge deal.

Amy Menz was killed in a hit and run after leaving her mother's house Saturday Night, she was a mother.  The assailants pulled over and then drove off.  Where are the cries of outrage, why is nobody raising money for a reward.  Perhaps, the people who committed the hit and run were not in the wrong, maybe Menz walked into traffic.  However, the assailants driving away seems to impune their motives and gives us a good idea they were at fault.  Additionally, since it was Friday Night it is safe to assume these drives may have been drinking.

But there has been no wall to wall coverage on Lonsberry, Why is that?  A young mother is dead, her murderers are at large and Rochester is indifferent.  Perhaps, if she was a cop or firefighter, since this area only seems to care about overpaid civil servants.  I bet if there was a description of the drivers and it was black, Rochester would be inspired to find her killers.  This community must bring Amy Menz's killers to justice.

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