Friday, October 17, 2014

Should Lovely Warren be recalled?

Lovely Warren is the mayor of Rochester, and her term can generously be referred to as rocky.  So far she is barren in accomplishments, yet bountiful with patronage.  Just this week, the board she appointed anointed her supporter Adam McFadden as head of the RHA.  He has no experience in housing or running a business that big.  He now takes over a 62 million dollar business with over 180 employees.  Since McFadden got his job via Patronage how many other jobs at the RHA will go to patronage.  Will he hire based on who you know whether then what you know?  Why was no reason given for Castro's dismissal.  This is maneuver reeks of illegality and demands an independent investigation to see if laws were broken.

Then later this week she altered the route of the St Patrick's day parade because of safety.  By this logic should not the Puerto Rico festival be cancelled because of safety.  This change only hurts the business owners (aka the only thing keeping Rochester up and running).  This has angered the community and further ostracized the mayor from anyone but her core supporters.

But there is opening now, you could probably get enough signatures at this time to recall her.  Just place petitions at local bars as well as at RHA housing developments.  I would be willing to bet there is a groundswell that getting the allotted signatures to recall the mayor would not be that difficult.  Who would be the alternative, How about Alex Castro?  Maybe Richards again? Heck even my pet cat Grace could do a better job.  As Rochester and Lovely Warren continue to follow the Detroit blueprint to irrelevancy.

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