Friday, December 12, 2014

How Jeff Fisher kissed the media's ass to avoid criticism that he sucks

You may have noticed as the Rams are off to another lousy season perhaps they will rally for the Jeff Fisher special 7-9 or 8-8, he has already done it nine times in his career. In fact, in twenty years Jeff Fisher has made the playoffs four times ever.  More stats he has not won a playoff game in a decade.  Of the four times he made the playoffs twice he lost at home and the third time he needed a miracle play.  In fact, if not for the Wycheck lateral Jeff Fisher would have a grand total of one playoff win.  Why is that Jeff Fisher is somehow consider a competent or good coach?  You would think the media would be all over this Kotite imposter.  Look at all the negative stories about Rex Ryan, who by any standard is a better coach then Jeff Fisher.  Why because Jeff Fisher shares an agent with many of the NFL media, and he feeds them stories like it is going out of style.  You think it does not matter check this out.

Take for example Mike Silver of the NFL Network, he shares the same agent as Fisher.  Google Jeff Fisher and Mike Silver and you get such glowing stories as:
Inside the war room for the Michael Sam draft:

Why he chose the Rams over the Dolphins went to you guess it Mike Silver:

Wanna take it farther, during the coverage of the Incognito scandal someone gave Mike Silver a quote they do not realize how Jeff Ireland still has a job in the league.  Does not take a genius to figure out who that was.

Did Mike Silver also talk glowingly of their 2012 draft which featured Brockers sure did:

Here he is reporting that Rob Ryans departure left bad blood with the Rams, I wonder where he gets these stories:

Here he is 2 months ago breaking down a Rams trick play try to avoid the gurgling sounds when he talks about Fisher:

Two Months ago a Story about how Jeff Fishers metal lead them to a victory over the Seahawks:

I checked and went through ten pages of google searches not a single critical thing ever written by him about Jeff Fisher.

What about the agent he shares with Peter King, well the fact is Peter King has been given backstage access to two Rams drafts wonder how he landed that.  You think that does not pay off?  Consider this pattern over the last three years despite being out of the playoff race by November.  Somehow the Rams ended up in his MMQB column as a top 15 team.  Heck, they got there just last week after being the world beater Redskins at home.

Remember when Jeff Fisher criticized Bernie Kosar for his comments about Rams receivers, guess who agreed with him.  Shockingly Peter King:

Guess who agreed with Fisher's decision to kick the FG from the one yard line vs the Cardinals that is right Peter King:

I am not the only one who has noticed the Peter King Jeff Fisher connection:

Here is in 2009 Peter King attacking Titans fans for wanting to fire Jeff Fisher:

Another article on the free pass that Jeff Fisher has been giving referencing Peter King:

Again I went through ten pages not a single article critical of Jeff Fisher by Peter King.

Did you know the coach that invited Chris Mortensen's son to training camp, I bet you can guess.

On the bright side, Jeff Fisher does not like Adam Schefter, how dare he not bow to the lord of 8-8.

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  1. I'm tired of the 8-8 kings rule. He has no idea how to put a champion together obviously.