Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spencerport's Racism exposed in the Urban Suburban Program

Yesterday, was perhaps one of the saddest days in Spencerport the towns history, as during the urban suburban hearing, the raw side of Spencerport's racism was fully exposed.  To review the Urban Suburban program is a state funded program that gives opportunity to minority students in the city school district to seek education at a suburban or higher performing district.  You might think what a great program that has no cost to the town taxpayer, increase diversity in the schools and allow other children an opportunity.  Apparently, there are people in Spencerport that oppose it.  Here is a story on the hearing here:

An 81 year old man threatened to not pay the taxes if this passed.  An 81 year old man currently benefiting from Medicare and Social Security was worried that some people might be living off his tax money.

One parent called up the Lonsberry show and was worried about a son or daughter not being able to make a sports team because of the Urban Suburban program (that was a fairly racist observation).
The quotes seemed to come from Montgomery Alabama 1963.

Here is another beauty:
Spencerport District is for people who live here. If they want to go to school here, they can buy a house here,” The shorter version of this quote is "Whites only"

"Forced Diversity is not a good thing"  No, that did not come from George Wallace it was a Spencerport parent's quote.

So ends the day for Spencerport, that will now carry the stain of this hearing for years to come and be known as the most racist town in Monroe County.

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