Friday, June 6, 2014

Does HGH use cause LeBron James cramps?

So, game one of the NBA finals is over, and the media has come into roaring defense of LeBron James.  They have gotten angry at people mocking LeBron over not playing with cramps.  Note to Media:  Nobody has done that seriously check the twitter feed.  People are accepting LeBron's cramps for what they are.  Poor hydration issues.  But, god forbid the media actually make him personally responsible for his cramps.  Lets attack a straw man argument nobody is making.

Now since LeBron James joined the Miami Heat he has gotten bigger, in 2010 the beginning of the end in Cleveland LeBron weighed 225, he is now listed at 250 lbs (no way in hell).  Who was the last athlete who dominated his sport like LeBron dominates basketball?  If you answered Barry Bonds you would be correct.  What does LeBron have in common with Bond's sudden weight gain and increase to physique when he suddenly became dominant.

Well, what do cramps and LeBron with PEDs have to do with each other simple.  There is a whole website devoted to the link of muscle cramps and HGH:

In fact there are multiple websites devoted to noting that a side effect of HGH use is muscle cramps.  The question has to come up LeBron cramped in the 2012 finals as well.  Why do cramps effect LeBron and not other players.  In a real world with a real media this would be investigated.

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