Monday, June 30, 2014

Chet Walker gone at 1180 WHAM, downward slide continues for once proud radio station

Chet Walker has now been removed as the host of 1180 WHAM in the morning, after his partner Beth Adams was removed a couple of years ago.  1180 WHAM ratings have been dropping locally, due to their inability to adapt.  This appears to be an attempt to skew younger as the new team is of younger age.

Also, an obvious cost cutting move as Chet had been there since 1982 and was no doubt making a lot more money then other people.  Its unclear why you would attempt to go younger when you have Lonsberry from 8:30-12, who skews very old.  The question is, will this move be followed by Bob Lonsberry being removed.  If WHAM is serious about appealing to a younger demographic will they go all the way.

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