Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why did Lovely Warren lie about Joe Biden's visit to Rochester

It probably went unnoticed with the multiple lies she has told in the Uncle Reggie saga and speeding ticket.  But this women who had the gall to take credit for an "amazing" two weeks in office.  Took credit for the VP visit.  Never mind Biden went to MCC which has nothing to do with the city of Rochester and or any relation.  According to Channel 8 Lovely Warren went to Washington and told Obama about all the great things happening in Rochester and specifically at MCC.  She is asking us to believe that in the two and half minutes (tops) she got with the president she mentioned an entity that has nothing to do with the city?  Here is the question as the same with the speeding ticket Why Lie? Why embellish?  Just say your excited the VP is coming, do not attempt to claim credit.   But alas no one on local news coverages ever asked if this story made sense so they parroted her original statement.  Does this women realize that most significant Rochestarians think of her as a joke and a liar.

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