Friday, June 3, 2016

Crazy Gabey scammed a bunch of people

You may know Crazy Gabey or Gabriel Harbor from his non stop chatter about ethics in fantasy sports.  His now famous Rape and pillage comments about Fanduel and Draftkings.  Now he seems to be attacking Fantasy Draft for what seems like $15, but he has no problem putting people's names through the mud.  While Crazy Gabey is not as clean and pure as he claims.

Now before I get onto his latest scam it must be mentioned that he was highly involved with Own the Play the since defunct site where the owner had his brother playing on the site.  But it is not about that

As many of you know Crazy Gabey launched a Daily Fantasy website the Daily Fantasy circuit which last all of ten minutes (great job Gabey).  You would think that was harmless enough.  Here is the thing in order to encourage people to play and deposit to use their referral links Gabey offered a contests that has since been scrubbed from the page but does appear in articles.

As you can see in this link:

Here is the outake:
Have you joined the Daily Fantasy Circuit yet? We’re giving away $50,000 for free over the next eight weeksSign up for the Circuit here and start winning money via our weekly leaderboards!

There is no leaderboard as of today it appears Gabey has not given out a single dollar of the 50k he claimed to be giving away.  So no doubt people signed up through his referrals to hopefully play in the contest only to be suprised when there is no contest.  Will Gabey come clean and stop accusing people of crimes, or confronting people in front of Walgreens.

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