Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fanduel picks for 1/15/15

Today is a short slate so it is difficult.  Essentially, whether you cash is if you can choose correctly between LeBron, Durant, Westbrook and Harden, and maybe Irving or Howard.  Its hard to say who among those is going to break out, I could be swayed either way.  A couple things do not fear Beverly's defense anymore, Oladipo just put up a 50 spot against the alleged stopper. 

Now one strategy I would advocate for making money on this slate, is play a lot of three man, head to head and 50/50 slate, and fade the Knicks/Bucks.  Anthony and Stoudamaire are going to try and play, some players may not know and load up on cheap knicks who may not play or get enough minutes to reach value.  The same strategy for the Bucks with Ilsarov going to play.  If you play enough games you should be able to double up assuming the Knicks/Bucks does not go into double overtime.  The only playable player in that game is Brandon Knight at 7200.

As for the late games cheapies are hard to come by.  Beverly is almost a must play at 5600.  If Kobe is out (which we will not know by 3) then Lin becomes an option.  At SG I am paying up for Harden on all my teams, I would consider possibly punting the last position with Nick Young at 4400.  Fade JR Smith and Waiters, one may go off but the chances of both doing nothing are also fairly high.

At SF you need to have Durant or James, you cannot fade both.  An interesting strategy would be to play both.  As for the other, Ariza if you can swing it.  I do not hate Wesley Johnson.  Power Forward of the 5,000 - 6,000 gap Montejuntas is by far the best play, and after that Boozer.  Center play Mozgov at 4500 and forget his last outing when he scored a whole 5 points.  If you want to be different have a tournament team where you play Howard and if he goes off you get all the monies.  Word of warning is Perkins and Adams will be guarding neither are slouches and Perkins earned his rep on his defense of Howard.

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